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Meet Sam! This 13-year-old has a serious exterior, but really is a softie on the inside. 

He takes his self-assigned role as watchdog very seriously, but that doesn’t mean he’s all work and no play. 

His mom, JoAnn, tells us all about him in the story below

What is Sam’s Personality Like?

Sam is a talker. He makes sure that everyone in the house knows if someone new is outside, or if someone is coming or going. 

He may be 13, but he still acts like a puppy.

He loves running around the yard and chasing his brother, Wrigley. 

As he’s gotten older, he’s grown very fond of his routines. He doesn’t sleep in, and will wait by the steps for me to come up when it’s time for bed.

If I take too long, he’ll let me know it’s getting too late and it’s time for me to go to bed.

What Are Sam’s Favorite Pastimes?

Fetch! Sam loves to play fetch. He will run back and forth for the ball until his body won’t let him anymore. 

He always gets excited if we bring the tennis ball out, and any time we lift up a toy, he immediately sits and waits for us to throw it.

He also loves to get into the dirty laundry, even though he knows he’s not supposed to. Socks are his favorite.

Sam is a pretty picky eater, but he does have a few favorites.

We’ll occasionally give the boys greenies. While his brother makes short work of it, Sam savors it, guardian it like a dragon over his hoard.

One Big Happy Family

We have a pretty big family, and Sam has always kept up with the business. Some dogs pick favorites, but Sam loves all of us the same.

That is, until my grandson was born. He’s two now, and follows the dogs around every chance he gets.

Sam acts like he doesn’t like the attention, but I catch him and my grandson snuggling all the time.

Sam may be very serious, but he’s really a softie at the core, and we love him so much for that.

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

Mary Moore

Sunday 28th of November 2021

Sam, you're such a beautiful boy and good brother too!!❤ I think you are very.loved and congrats on being DOG OF THE WEEK!! WOOF WOOF