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Meet Sneakers! Sneakers is a 17-year-old senior cat with a heart of gold.

This sweet boy couldn’t be more excited to make new friends.

His human mom, Kimleen, tells us all about him in the following.

Sneakers’s Origin Story

Sneakers was adopted from a shelter when he was 3 years old.

He came home to a new mom and dad and a tabby sister, Pyewacket.

We named him sneakers because he always ran down the hallway, sneaking up on my husband.

He’s acted more like a dog. He comes when called and plays fetch.

We called him a cat-dog!

How Has Sneakers Improved Your Life?

He was basically my husband’s boy. 

He and Pyewacket helped me deal with my husband’s death in 2018. 

Shortly afterwards, Pyewacket crossed the Rainbow Bridge. 

So, both of us were doubly grieving, and ended up bonding even closer. 

Because I was starting a new job, I went and adopted a buddy, Ollie, and they bonded almost immediately.

Not Going Anywhere

Sneakers is now geriatric. 

He’ll be 18 in March and is now coping with feline dementia. 

He gets “lost” in our apartment where he’s lived for 6+ years. He yowls for me whenever he’s lost or confused, and needs to be rescued. 

Either Ollie or I then find and comfort him. 

His vet says in spite of his chronic issues, he may still have a couple good years left in him!

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.