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Meet Wrigley! Wrigley is a 5-year-old, happy-go-lucky chunk with a heart of gold!

He loves to run around the yard playing with his ball, but he also knows how to kick back and relax. 

His mom, JoAnn, tells us all about him in the story below.

What is Wrigley’s Personality Like?

Wrigley is the happiest boy. 

Nothing seems to get him down.

Every morning, I wake up to him standing at the foot of the bed, grunting with a toy in his mouth, waiting patiently for me to hop out of bed. 

He is the snuggliest dog, sometimes a little too snugly. 

He loves to wrap his whole body between my head and the headboard when I go to sleep.

Sometimes, he doesn’t fit and he ends up just laying on my head.

Other nights, I’ll wake up to him completely sprawled out on my chest.

What are Wrigley’s Favorite Pastimes?

Wrigley loves food. 

He would eat anything we gave him the chance.

We try to keep the human food to a minimum, but if we know it’s doggy safe, we’ll sometimes indulge him.

He also has this big green soccer ball that he absolutely loves to kick around the yard.

He will chase it around until he gets tired and lays on his back to rest and roll in the grass.

If we aren’t watching closely, he’ll find some good mud and make a mess.

He loves toys almost as much as food. 

Every time I come home, he’ll run to greet me, stop halfway, then run and grab a toy to bring to me.

Brotherly Love

We brought Wrigley into the family because we wanted him so much, but we also hoped he would be a buddy for our older dog, Sam.

Sam is much more serious than Wrigley, so it took a bit for him to warm up to his new brother.

Now, they’re the funniest duo.

Their personalities seem to balance each other out.

Wrigley helps Sam lighten up and have fun, and Sam helps keep Wrigley in line when he starts getting into mischief.

They really are like brothers.

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

Alice Wells

Thursday 17th of March 2022

Now they are 2 beauties.