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Feisty Pint-Sized Puppy Found Under Trailer Thinks She’s a Big Dog

Feisty Pint-Sized Puppy Found Under Trailer Thinks She’s a Big Dog

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When three 6-week-old puppies and their mom were found under a trailer, rescuers rushed to get them to safety.

What they didn’t realize, however, was that there was one more puppy, waiting for rescuers to come back for her.

Keep reading to hear about how one tiny puppy with a big personality refused to be left behind.

“Don’t forget about me!”

East Tennessee Alliance for Animals, located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, rescued three tiny 6-week-old puppies from under a trailer.

Unbeknownst to the rescuers, one more tiny little puppy was still under the trailer, waiting to be saved.

The owner of mamma dog, who was later named Aggie, hadn’t realized Aggie was pregnant.

When rescuers had been called, the owner thought the puppies had just been born, and that there were only three of them.

A fourth tiny puppy, later named Lemon, remained waiting for rescuers to come back for her.

“She was still under the house without her mom, without any food. She had been under there by herself for about five days,” recalled Erin Burke, Board Member and foster at East Tennessee Alliance for Animals.

Erin hurried little Lemon home for care, joining her three siblings and mom.

Tiny but Mighty

Lemon was tiny. While her siblings ranged from 1- 3 pounds, Lemon weighed under a pound – just 10 tiny ounces.

Lemon’s siblings had teeth and were eating dry food, while Lemon didn’t have as many teeth and still needed her mom’s milk.

“Aggie really took care of Lemon and was really gentle with her and would let her nurse, but wouldn’t let the others nurse. She knew that Lemon needed her,” said Erin.

But Lemon wasn’t gaining weight. She was skinny, dehydrated, and lethargic. She also had a persistent rash on her belly.  

Erin knew it was time for Lemon to see a vet.

The Truth Revealed

As soon as the vet saw Lemon, she knew Lemon had a staph infection.

Following blood work results, the vet also determined that Lemon was very anemic and had low blood sugar.

Lemon received a shot of iron, antibiotics for the infection, and dextrose solution that required Lemon to be fed every two hours with baby food.

Erin was determined for little Lemon to get bigger and stronger, waking up every two hours and feeding her every two hours throughout the day.

Little Lemon was determined to grow big and strong, too.

Growing Big & Strong

Lemon went from 10 ounces to 18.4 ounces, just over a pound.

Although Lemon would remain small, she saw herself as one of the big dogs. Her favorite playmate was Erin’s 75-pound pup!

“She is super feisty; I don’t think she would have made it this far if she didn’t have this spunky personability,” said Erin.

Lemon loves to shake her toys like she’s going to kill them, even though she’s so tiny she couldn’t even kill an ant.

This pint-sized pup is barely bigger than her toys!

Lemon is feisty, but she is also sweet.

Her little body gets worn out and she’ll put herself to bed, going to the crate door for Erin to open it. Inside, she’ll curl up in her cat bed.

This sweet girl with the big personality was ready to move on to her forever home, and so were her mom and siblings.

Sweet & Spicy

Although Aggie, around 3 to 5 years old, had been owned at the time of the rescue, it was clear to Erin and the previous owner that Aggie was better suited to a life inside a home, leaving behind her outside life as a mamma dog. 

She has been adopted and will be living a beach life in Massachusetts!

Lemon’s siblings, Maripol, Tempance, and Parker have also found happy homes.

And as for Lemon, she has had many fans on social media, but only one could be her perfect home.

Erin will be personally flying Lemon to her forever home, where she will join a 17-year-old chihuahua.

Thanks to Erin, Lemon and her siblings will never have to worry about being scared and alone ever again.

Be sure to follow Erin on Instagram to see more of Eliza along with her newest rescue pups!

Watch little Lemon’s full story in the video below and see this feisty pup in action!

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.


Wednesday 7th of July 2021

I don't know if they come much cuter than Lemon. She would have me smiling the entire day. She'll have a great time in Marblehead which is very beautiful.