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Stray Cat Gives Birth to Wobbly Kittens with Rare Condition – Nothing Can Slow Them Down

Stray Cat Gives Birth to Wobbly Kittens with Rare Condition  – Nothing Can Slow Them Down

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A local woman was caring for a colony of stray cats when she noticed a mysterious guest.

When she realized her new visitor was pregnant, she immediately called for health.

Keep reading to find out how this mamma cat and her three wobbly kittens overcame a tragic start with the help of a kind hero.

A Mysterious Guest

An Arkansas local had been feeding a colony of cats when one day, a pregnant cat suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

The beautiful, long-haired Russian blue, later named Grace, looked like she could give birth at any moment.

Concerned for the soon-to-be mother, the colony feeder reached out to someone she knew could help.

Stephanie Spence, founder of Community Cats of Central Arkansas, wasted no time getting pregnant Grace out of harm’s way.

She was just in time– Grace gave birth less than 48 hours later.

However, Stephanie soon realized these were no ordinary kittens…

Something Isn’t Right…

Grace was perfectly healthy, but her kittens were another story.

Sadly, only three of Grace’s kittens survived.

The lucky three kittens to survive were named Cyrus, Sura, and Darius after ancient Persian royalty.

However, these three kittens entered the world with a shaky start.

Stephanie was grateful they’d survived, but something wasn’t quite right…

Stephanie was about to witness a new set of challenges that left her looking for answers.

The Truth Revealed

“When they started to become mobile, we noticed they had trouble holding up their heads and walking,” explained Stephanie. “There was definitely something wrong with their mobility.”

Cyrus seemed to be the least affected; Sura and Darius had it the worst.

Stephanie was determined to get to the bottom of what was going on.

Eventually, the three kittens were diagnosed with cerebellar hypoplasia or CH.

CH is a developmental condition that occurs when the cerebellum is not properly developed in the womb.

The condition causes impaired motor skills, balance, and coordination, which explained why the kittens’ had such a hard time moving.

Despite their tragic diagnoses, there was still hope for this fateful trio.

Cyrus, Sura, and Darius had some work ahead of them!

Hope At Last

Being an experienced rescuer, Stephanie knew exactly what to do.

Cyrus, Sura, and Darius completed treatments and physical therapy, wobbling their way on top.

Stephanie worked relentlessly to see them thrive, setting up obstacles courses and cheering the kittens on.

These tiny but mighty kittens refused to let their condition slow them down.

They strengthened their muscles, learned how to walk, and practiced balancing.

After months of hard work, they arrived at the moment of truth.

Would the kittens be able to overcome their condition to live a normal life?

Cyrus the Great

Today, Cyrus shows almost no symptoms of CH.

This was expected as Cyrus showed the least severe symptoms out of the three kittens.

The talkative snowshoe siamese can’t resist a good conversation.

“He chats constantly,” said Stephanie. “If you leave the room, he hollers for you to come back!”

He confidently prances up to Stephanie and visitors, greeting them with a friendly meow!

Sura and Darius, on the other hand, were a different story…

Perfectly Imperfect

The two still show some mild CH symptoms.

Unlike other cats, Sura and Darius have a harder time landing on their feet.

“Darius still has difficulty with his gait and with his balance, and stopping,” explained Stephanie. “If he’s running, he will fall over as he’s trying to stop.”

A little wobble and tumble here and there doesn’t hurt.

In fact, it gives them character and makes them all the more special.

Darius resembles a Russian blue, just like his mom.

Stephanie describes him as the class clown of the litter.

“He runs everywhere, but he runs like a horse,” Stephanie chuckled.

After galloping, Darius flops over for a belly rub which Stephanie always rewards him with.

Princess Sura

The princess of the litter, Sura, is a beautiful tortie mix.

Much like her brothers, she loves people, but tends enjoys her independence more.

“Sura can is more comfortable entertaining herself and napping alone.” said Stephanie. “She talks a lot but she’s really not talking to you, she’s talking to her toys.”

Sura seems to be affected by CH differently compared to her brothers.

She might get a little confused sometimes or have slow reactions.

It’s as if she’s more thoughtful with her approach.

“It takes her awhile to figure out what she’s doing,” explained Stephanie. “She doesn’t recognize you right away. She kind of stares at you for a minute then she figures out who you are.”

The three were spayed, neutered, and fully vetted when it was time for them to graduate and find a forever family.

The little kittens weren’t the only ones taking a fall.

Since posting them for adoption, everyone has been falling in love!

Happily Ever After

Mamma Grace had been on someone’s mind all along.

The feeder of the stray colony had fallen in love with Grace at first sight.

Once Grace was spayed and her kittens were weaned, she was reunited with the woman who started it all.

Now safe and loved with her forever family, Grace will never have to worry about being on the streets ever again.

Darius and Cyrus are the best of buds– Stephanie decided the two should be adopted together.

They were adopted as a pair by a family who adores them along with all their special quirks.

Princess Sura was the last to graduate from foster care because she needed to gain more weight before being spayed.

She was quick to be adopted once she got back on her feet.

Thanks to Stephanie and the specialized care she delivered, mama Grace and her kittens are alive, healthy, and happy.

Stephanie is entirely self funded and relies on the generous donations of kind hearted individuals to continue rescuing cats and kittens that would otherwise suffer.

Community Cats of Central Arkansas is a 501(c)3 non-profit.

If you’d like to help Stephanie continue her life-saving missions, please click here to donate to her medical kitten fund or sending items to her directly from her Amazon Wishlist.

Be sure to follow Stephanie on Facebook and Youtube to keep up with all her adorable rescue cats & kittens!

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.


Wednesday 22nd of September 2021

I am glad rhat these three kitties are doing fine. Just take if the ones with HP. I hope they get better soon. God bless and take of your kitties.