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Young Pregnant Dog Dumped on Roadside – Just Wanted Safe Place to Have Her Babies

Young Pregnant Dog Dumped on Roadside – Just Wanted Safe Place to Have Her Babies

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A dog so sweet and full of love was found dumped on the side of the road.

She was pregnant and, sadly, abandoned to give birth on the streets.

But, she wouldn’t be alone for long. 

Keep reading to hear about one young mama dog who showed the world exactly how much love she has to give. 

Too Much Too Soon

When a very young pregnant dog was dumped on the side of the road, it was up to the community to help her out.

Too sweet to have not been someone’s pet previously, it was clear this dog was abandoned.

To make matters worse, the dog, later named Penny, was very pregnant. At only six months old, she was a puppy herself.

Typically, it is dangerous/ill advised to let a dog this young get pregnant.

Rescuers were worried for Penny and her future puppies’ health.

Yet, they took consolation in the fact that they had found her and at least she wouldn’t have to go it alone.

As her due date approached, her rescuers grew more and more anxious about what would happen.

The Moment of Truth

The day finally arrived and rescuers waited with fingers crossed.

She managed to give birth to her first litter with no complications to herself. Penny was a trooper!

However, it wasn’t until after her puppies were born that the real problems started.

“She wasn’t the best mama,” explained Debra Tumenus, volunteer foster with Great Dog Rescue New England, located in Woburn, Massachusetts. “She tried, but being a puppy herself, she wasn’t quite sure what to do.”

Penny was a doting mom at first. But, as the puppies grew, so did their nails and their teeth.

As much as she loved her babies, it seemed that Penny was feeling overextended.

However, relief for Penny was right around the corner.

As soon as the puppies were weaned, there was Debra, ready to begin her foster journey with Penny.

Debra scooped up Penny and they were on their way to Debra’s foster home.

Then something happened that took Debra by surprise.

Love at First Sight

“I fell in love with her on the ride home,” said Debra. “I sat in the backseat with her and she ended up putting her head on my leg and I fell in love with her instantly – it was instant.”

Debra didn’t believe in love at first site until the moment she met Penny.

As if Debra and her daughter had the same thoughts at the same time, Debra’s daughter exclaimed that she too loved Penny and wanted to keep her.

Without a second thought, Debra filled out the application.

Penny was welcomed into their home – not as a foster, but as a member of the family.

Debra and her daughter were not the only ones to be taken by Penny’s love spell.

“Sometimes it takes a little time for my girls to warm up to other dogs, but they instantly fell in love with her,” gushed Debra.

Their family was complete and perfect – until Penny began to show signs of distress.

A Sudden Scare

Penny was diagnosed with Pyometra, a very serious infection of the uterus that can lead to death if untreated.

The infection may have explained why Penny wanted relief from her puppies.

“She was lucky enough to have been picked up on the side of the road and diagnosed,” shared Debra. “She would have died and the puppies would have been mama-less if she had delivered out in the woods.”

Fortunately,  Penny was now safe and with care. Because of Debra and other rescuers, Penny got the medicine she needed.

Once feeling better, it was time for Penny to work her love magic once again.

Puppy Love

Not long after recovery, Penny met Debra’s new foster dog, Baxter, and was immediately smitten.

“When he came into the house, she was flirtin’ with him, she was showing off for him, she wanted to play with him,” laughed Debra.

Penny had just experienced her own love at first sight experience – and Debra was enjoying every second of this love story.

“I was like girl, you’re like a crazy teenager,” said Debra.

While Baxter would return to his other foster home four days later, Penny would never forget those four joyful days.

Happily Ever After

It seemed that Penny sparked love wherever she went, and in turn poured love into the universe.

Each night she can be found in Debra’s bed, snuggled between Debra and her husband.

She was the perfect soul to complete Debra’s pack, and despite her challenges and young age, had raised a beautiful, healthy litter of puppies.

Sometimes love happens when you least expect it to, and for Debra and Penny, it was on that fateful car ride home.

Thank you to Debra and all of the rescuers for loving Penny just as much as she loves everyone else.

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.