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Frightened Puppies Cruelly Tossed from Car Learn to Love & Trust Again

Frightened Puppies Cruelly Tossed from Car Learn to Love & Trust Again

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On a cold winter day in North Carolina, two little puppies were tossed out of a car window and sadly left to die on the side of the road.

Luckily, someone saw them and a rural county rescue stepped in to help.

However, the shelter didn’t have the resources to care for such young puppies, so they went looking for a little extra help.  

Keep reading to find out how the love and care of rescuers changed these puppies lives and taught them how to trust again.

A Rough Start

Bean and Sprout, at just a few months old, were found after being cruelly tossed from a car window in the winter of 2021. 

First rescued by the county, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue located in Asheville, North Carolina stepped in to assist in the care of these two young puppies.  

“When we first met them, they were so scared,” recalled Leah, Executive Director of Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, “they were completely shut down… They really didn’t accept human interaction with a lot of joy.”

Faced with such a horrific start to life, Bean and Sprout would rely on rescuers to teach them how to trust and love again.

Brotherly Love

Bean and Sprout were so scared when they arrived at their foster home that they didn’t even want to eat.

While the puppies seemed to have miraculously avoided any physical injury, it was clear that their psychological well being would need some serious TLC.

“What a sad and horrific thing for a small puppy to go through. And to kind of be in the world on their own. But luckily they had each other,” said Leah.

Soon, Bean and Sprout would realize they were in fact not alone in this world.

They had an entire team of rescuers cheering them on and providing the love that they deserve.

Learning to Trust

Within a few days of arriving at their foster home, Bean and Sprout began to recover from the emotional trauma.

“They started to love their foster mom and really respond joyfully to her when she would go to interact with them,” Leah said.  

Bean and Sprout quickly became the playful puppies they were meant to be. They loved all toys, napping with their foster mom, and discovered how tasty treats are!

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Despite their traumatic experience, both Bean and Sprout loved to go on car rides.

Because Bean and Sprout had not been physically hurt during their experience, they truly just needed love to overcome their sad beginning. 

Bean and Sprout were ready for their happy and healthy forever lives.  

Must Love Dogs

Love is a huge part of Bean and Sprout’s new lives. In fact, they were two stars of Brother Wolf Animal Rescue’s Valentine’s fundraiser.

“They could not have been sweeter to work with,” said Leah, recalling Bean and Sprout’s gentle play together at the event.

Draped in hearts and playing tug of war with pink stuffed bears, Bean and Sprout were ready to melt any heart – and they did just that.

Happily Ever After

Both Bean and Sprout have been adopted and are now loved the way they should have been from the very start.

Bean is living a super social life and is having the best time going to doggy day care daily!

“His new dad is just loving him and could not be a better match. He is just so obsessed with him,” said Leah.

Leah describes Bean’s life as so full of joy.

“There’s just nothing better than knowing that these animals who were not treated very well… now just have this wonderful life that’s full of love and joy,” said Leah.

It is because of rescuers like the county and Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, their dedicated staff, and wonderful forever homes that allow mistreated animals like Bean and Spout to discover how full of love life can be. 

About Our Hero

Thanks to Leah and the Brother Wolf team, many dogs much like Bean and Sprout are given a second chance.

Brother Wolf goes above and beyond when it comes to animal welfare. They’re not your typical shelter or rescue organization.

They’ve changed their community for animals through low-cost mobile spay & neuter clinics, shelter transfer partnerships, volunteer & foster networks, and trap-neuter-return programs for feral cats.

However, they rely entirely on the donations of kind-hearted individuals to continue their life saving missions.

To help Brother Wolf create a kinder world for animals, follow them on Facebook and Instagram to see more of their incredible rescue work and learn how to help!

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.