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Homeless Woman Caring for Dumped Puppy Gives Him to Rescuers Hoping They Help Him Thrive

Homeless Woman Caring for Dumped Puppy Gives Him to Rescuers Hoping They Help Him Thrive

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While delivering shoes to those in need, one woman unexpectedly found another soul in need – a little puppy. 

The woman didn’t hesitate to open her home to the puppy when she realized he needed a home. 

Keep reading to hear about one little dog and the selfless act of kindness that made his dreams come true.

A Friend In Need

Moe Long, a foster of East Tennessee Alliance for Animals located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, was helping a community of people in need when she unexpectedly found another soul in need – a little brown dog.

“I started my day by going with another local non-profit to take shoes out to several homeless camps around Chattanooga. I wasn’t planning on picking up a dog,” explained Moe.

When Moe arrived at the camp, three dogs greeted her – all appearing happy and healthy.

While they had all been claimed and taken care of by the camp residents, one little brown dog hadn’t been claimed.

A woman in the camp had been looking after the little dog and asked Moe if she wanted him.

“She said somebody had dumped him and she was worried since nobody at the camp had claimed him,” said Moe.

Although he looked healthy and well-fed, Moe couldn’t say no. The woman was doing her best, but knew that a lot could happen to him where he was.

Both Moe and the woman wanted this puppy to have the highest chance of survival!

“So, without hesitation, I told her I would take him,” said Moe.

With the support of East Tennessee Alliance for Animals, the little dog would be on his way to a new life.

A New Name

As Moe was packing up the little dog to head home, one resident of the camp stopped her.

“Well, what are you going to call him,” asked Rodney, a man living at the camp. “You should call him Rodney.”

Rodney was a resident at the camp who had been telling his life story to Moe throughout the day. He was sporting a black eye that he could clearly not see out of.

So, he specified that Moe should name the small brown puppy Rodni, with one “i”.

Moe couldn’t have agreed more, and so this little puppy was given a new name, Rodni, to commemorate his new chapter in life!

Little did Moe know just how important her taking Rodni under her wing would be.

In the Nick of Time

Rodni entered foster care with Moe, and just in time.

“Not even two weeks after I picked up Rodni, parvo broke out in the camps. I think three puppies died from parvo,” recalled Moe. “Rodni was pretty lucky to get out of there when he did.”

Rondi was lucky to have Moe.

“He became another shadow to me,” said Moe. “I already have two animals that think I’m the only person that exists, and Rodni was soon to follow in their footsteps.”

Rodni was also lucky to have the best of friends at Moe’s house.

He loved Moe’s two resident pets, dog Opie and cat Otis. He especially loved Otis.

“Otis was his favorite,” recalled Moe. “Otis immediately took to Rodni. They cuddled, they played, they slept together at night. It was really precious.”

As much as Moe, Opie, and Otis loved having Rodni around, this was only his temporary home.

Soon enough, the bitter sweet time for Rodni to find a forever home would roll around.

Happily Ever After

Rodni, now named Rusty, happily lives with his new human family and a miniature dachshund named Ruby.

Rusty and Ruby enjoy a very social life, including routine doggy daycare!

Because of Moe, Rusty will never have to wonder again where he’ll sleep. 

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.