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Abused Puppy Rescued After Tossed Out of 2 Story Building, Shown Love & Kindness for First Time

Abused Puppy Rescued After Tossed Out of 2 Story Building, Shown Love & Kindness for First Time

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At only 5 months old, Pickle the Pomeranian had endured more hardship than any pup should ever experience.

Her life in South Korea was horrible to say the least.

She had experienced neglect and abuse and didn’t know how much longer she could take it.

Pickle didn’t know it yet, but some concerned neighbors were about to lend her a helping hand.

A Heartbreaking Living Situation

Pickle’s first 5 months of life were less than ideal.

She lived in an abusive household where her family neither appreciated nor loved her.

Pickle was thankful to have a roof over her head, but she was terrified of the humans she shared it with.

This reached a peak when one day, Pickle’s owner did something unthinkable and unforgivable.

They threw Pickle out of the window of their 2 story condo.

Neighbors looked on in shock as they saw the poor little pomeranian fall.

The neighbors knew something needed to be done; they wouldn’t allow Pickle to suffer in that home any longer.

To The Rescue

The neighbors immediately came to her aid and reached out to a local shelter for help. 

They also reported Pickle’s owner to the police for animal cruelty. 

In no time at all, Pickle was brought to a vet to be checked out.

Tragically, Pickle had lost the ability to move her legs.

While the vet was optimistic that she may gain some feeling and movement again, it would take time and proper treatment.

However, this was going to be very expensive.

Rather than throw in the towel, the shelter decided to go all hands on deck to try and raise the money.

Calling for Backup

Unable to fund Pickle’s treatment on their own, the shelter reached out to the community for donations. 

The shelter reached out to one of their partners, Free Korean Dogs (FKD).

FKD is a registered charity in Canada that helps dogs from Korea’s meat trade find loving homes in Canada and the US.

While Pickle’s case was a little different than what they usually handle, FKD was more than willing to lend a hand to the sweet girl.

“We heard about this story, and we decided to step in,” William Yang, a case manager at FKD shared. 

Knowing how long Pickle’s journey to recovery would be, FKD’s founder started a fund-raising campaign to help with the vet bills. 

“We were able to raise a couple of thousand dollars that we sent to Korea,” William recalled. 

Pickle’s rescuers could tell she was so thankful for all the support, and she was ready to hit the road to recovery full force.

Road to Recovery

With the help of FKD and the shelter, Pickle was able to get into a therapy program to try and save her damaged legs. 

“The program involved acupuncture, hydrotherapy, ultrasound, laser treatment, and obviously, massage therapy, as well,” William shared. 

The treatment was undeniably hard for Pickles in the beginning, given how traumatized she was. 

But, she was a fighter and wasn’t going to let any obstacle get in her way.. 

“She’s very small but a mighty trouper,” William said.

It was slow going, but her rescuers had high hopes that she’d make a comeback.

Slow and Steady

Through determination and resilience, Pickle was able to make progress step by step.

“After a few weeks, there were actually really good improvements because Pickle, at that time, was very agile and very young,” William shared. 

After one week, Pickle was able to control her bowel movements again. 

Next, they started to work their way up to putting her on wheels.

“She started using the wheelchair in the water after about four weeks,” William recalled. 

While things were still tough for Pickle, she was so much happier now that she felt loved and safe.

She knew she had it good now, but things were about to get even better. 

Crossing the Ocean for a New Life

As Pickle’s recovery progressed, FKD decided it was time to start searching for her perfect forever home.

It wasn’t long before they found a match made in heaven in Vancouer.

“We’re really glad that we found the perfect adopter.” William shared. “The adopter is aware of the therapy and the program and understands the needs and financial requirements.”

Pickle was a little confused when she stepped on the plane to Canada, but she had a feeling something great was in store. 

Home Sweet Home

It surely had been a wild ride for her, but if anyone could handle it, it was Pickle!

“The good thing is that she is a super friendly dog and loves human touch.” William shared. “She adjusted to her new home quite well.”

Pickle is so happy to now be in a home where humans treat her with the love she deserves.

She’ll never have to worry about being abused or neglected ever again!

Pickle still has a long journey ahead in terms of recovery, but she won’t have to go through it alone.

With a loving and supportive family by her side, she can do anything she sets her mind to!

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

Kate Kenner

Tuesday 22nd of March 2022

it is beyond me how anyone can do such a horrid thing but it seems like what could have been the end of Pickles' life turned out to be the beginning of a new one. I found a Pom on Hwy. 17 many years ago and he ended up living with me-lucky me. I adored him and still have a a special place in my heart for them. I am so grateful that Pickles lived and now enjoys her new life. I hope the abusers and almost killers got as close to what they deserve as possible.