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Stray Dog Born without Front Legs Suffers Gunshot Wound, Becomes Prosthetics Pioneer 

Stray Dog Born without Front Legs Suffers Gunshot Wound, Becomes Prosthetics Pioneer 

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When a rescue in Phuket, Thailand took in an injured dog off the streets, they were absolutely mortified at her condition. 

Not only was she missing both her front legs, but she had also suffered a gunshot wound.

Their hearts were broken for the sweet girl, but they didn’t have time to be sad.

They rushed into action, putting all their efforts into saving this dog.

Keep reading to find out what happened next!

Safe at Last

The rescue, Soi Dog Foundation, first ran x-rays to see the full extent of the damage. 

They discovered that the dog was most likely born without front legs, but they would definitely have to treat the gunshot wound in her head.

In addition to her physical injuries, she was very sick as a consequence of her life on the streets. 

It was going to take a lot of work, but Soi Dog was ready to do whatever it took to save her!

A Secret Admirer

Once Amira pulled through the worst of it, Soi Dog started sharing the pup’s story online. 

A Montreal woman named Lara Pleasance took a particular interest in this dog’s situation.

“She looked so pitiful, but still was so sweet and cheerful,” Lara said. “It was like a force bigger than myself, I felt so connected to her right away.”

Lara reached out to Soi Dog immediately to find out more about the dog and see how she could help.

“They named her Amira, which is so fitting because it sounds like ‘a miracle’, which she definitely is,” Lara said.

The rescue told Lara that Amira was around 9 years old, had given birth to multiple litters, and most likely had lived her whole life on the streets.

At that moment, Lara resolved within herself to make sure that Amira never had to go through the hardships of life alone ever again. 

Road to Recovery

Lara asked Soi Dog if she could adopt Amira, hoping to give her the life she always deserved.

Soi Dog was open to it, but Amira still had a long way to go in her recovery journey before she could make the trek from Thailand to Canada.

Lara patiently waited, watching Amira online, falling more and more in love with her.

After 6 months, Amira had fully recovered and was ready to be adopted!

“It felt like I had been watching this movie star for months, and then finally I was going to be able to meet her,” Lara said.

Amira didn’t know it yet, but she was about to embark on the trip of a lifetime!

Home Sweet Home

After 22 hours of travel, Amira finally made it to Canada!

Many dogs are disoriented after a long journey like that and are likely to endanger themselves if they are let out before they’ve arrived at their end destination.

So, after picking Amira up from the airport, Lara waited until they were safely in her home to let her out of the crate.

Lara expected Amira to be a little shy and fearful when she first entered her forever home, but Amira had other plans.

“It was the most amazing thing,” Lara said. “She just came flying out and jumped right in my lap, tail going crazy, licking my face.”

It seemed like Amira knew that she had finally made it!

A Whole New World

Amira adjusted to her new surroundings very quickly. 

“She slept in the bed with us and one of our dogs on the first night, like she had always belonged there,” Lara said.

She loved her new family, both her human family and her new fur siblings.

She also got a new set of wheels, a parting gift from Soi Dog Foundation.

She adjusted to the cart very quickly, and loved how much easier walking was for her now!

But, she still enjoyed zooming around in the house without the cart.

Amira had new surprises for Lara every day.

A Doggy Inventor

One day, another Amira fan named Julian, who had been following her story from the beginning, reached out to Lara with an interesting question.

“He asked if we had ever considered getting Amira prosthetics,” Lara said. “He even offered to pay for them!”

However, many companies weren’t able to make them for her.

No company had ever managed to make double prosthetics that would stay secure on a dog with a body like Amira’s.

But then, Lara found a company that was willing to give it a shot!

After countless prototypes, and a lot of willing help from Amira and Julian, the company was able to make one of a kind prosthetics for her!

Happily Ever After

While Lara wanted to adopt Amira because she had fallen in love with her, she also had another motivation.

“It broke my heart to think about a dog as sweet as Amira never knowing what it’s like to have a loving home where all of her needs were met,” Lara said.

Now, Amira knows exactly what that is like!

She is loved on all day every day, and spoiled rotten.

“Her favorite thing is to run like a lunatic around the house,” Lara said.

She also absolutely loves to go paddle boarding with her fur siblings!

Amira is living the dream with Lara now, and it’s safe to say that she wouldn’t have it any other way!

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