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Kitten Found Cruelly Strung Up in Tree, Learns to Trust Humans Again Thanks to Loving Rescuers

Kitten Found Cruelly Strung Up in Tree, Learns to Trust Humans Again Thanks to Loving Rescuers

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A good samaritan in Long Beach, California was startled and concerned when they discovered a kitten tangled up in tree twine.

Once they approached the struggling kitten, they realized that this his situation was no accident.

Someone had cruelly hung this kitten up in the tree.

Luckily, kinder hearts prevailed and the good samaritan untangled the kitten.

Keep reading to find out how this sweet kitten’s nightmare beginning ended like a fairytale!

Helping Hands

When the good samaritan finally got the kitten down, they realized he’d been severely injured as a result of trying to get untangled from the twine.

The kitten was exhausted and in pain, but thankful that he was finally in good hands.

His rescuer wasted no time in reaching out to the community for further aid.

Fortunately, the news about the kitten eventually reached the nonprofit cat rescue organization, Milo’s Sanctuary.

Michele Hoffman, president and founder of Milo’s Sanctuary, welcomed the kitten with open arms.

It was there that this sweet boy received a name: Flower.

Flower could rest easy knowing he was safe, but he still had a long journey ahead!

Flower Power

The sanctuary staff and volunteers wasted no time getting started on Flower’s medical interventions.

His poor little body had suffered so much, yet he had courage and a strong will to live.

While Flower was recovering, the sanctuary decided to share his story on their Facebook page. 

Little did Flower know, he was about to meet someone very special…

Foster Bound

Andrea Murphy, one of Milo’s Sanctuary’s kind-hearted volunteers, was heartbroken upon seeing the Facebook post.

“For some reason, this one just broke my heart. I couldn’t stop thinking about him,” Andrea shared. 

Andrea was determined to show little Flower the true meaning of unconditional love.

She reached out to the sanctuary and offered to foster him once he was healthy enough to leave the vet.

“I just really wanted to take him in. I just wanted to show him that there are good people,” Andrea said. 

Flower had been treated very cruelly in the first few months of his life.

The sanctuary knew his wounds would heal, but now it was time to mend his broken heart…

Road to Recovery

Flower was healthy enough to enter foster care, but he still had a long way to go.

Fortunately, Andrea was more than willing to guide Flower through every step of his recovery process.

“He was still bandaged. They told me he’d need to be in a cone for about 14 days,” Andrea shared. 

However, Flower hated the cone, and Andrea didn’t want him to struggle anymore than he already had.

“I know that’s really tough for a kitten to be in a cone, so I ended up going to the dollar store and buying a bunch of socks that I made into little sweaters,” Andrea recalled. 

Flower felt much more comfortable in the sweaters, and he looked adorable in them too!

Before Andrea knew it, Flower was already back on his feet.

She was thrilled to see how much progress he’d made since arriving at her home.

“He healed very well!” Andrea shared. 

Once Flower was all patched up, his true personality started to shine through. 

Flower Blossoms

Flower was no longer timid and fearful. 

He’d blossomed into a loving, playful kitten!

“He has the best personality. He’s completely forgiving and loving,” Andrea shared. 

Despite how badly Flower had been treated by humans, he still found it in his heart to trust people.

Flower also became best friends with another sweater clad foster kitten, Godzilla.

The duo loved playing together, rumbling and tumbling throughout Andrea’s home.

When their zoomies wore off, Andrea would find them snuggled up together taking a nap.

Andrea wasn’t the only one smitten with Flower.

She began sharing Flower’s progress on Instagram, which immediately drew the attention of fellow animal lovers.

“People fell in love with him. They were amazed by how resilient he was despite how devastating his circumstances were,” said Andrea. 

Flower’s pure heart was about to help him take the final step towards living happily ever after.

Happily Ever After

As soon as Milo’s Sanctuary put Flower up for adoption, several adoption applications started pouring in.

This wasn’t too surprising. After all, Flower’s charm was irresistible!

“A bunch of people applied, and Milo’s Sanctuary found him the perfect family,” Andrea shared. 

Flower is now living his best life near the beach with his forever family and two cat siblings.

“He’s definitely living happily ever after!” Andrea exclaimed.

Flower will never have to worry about anyone hurting him ever again. 

Thanks to Andrea and Milo’s Sanctuary, Flower has a bright future ahead!

Click here to follow all of Andrea’s foster adventures on Instagram!

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

Kate Kenner

Wednesday 2nd of March 2022

It is beyond me how people can cause so much suffering to animals and just not care. Luckily Flower was found, saved, and cared for. He will have many years of happiness and love now and he is pretty darn adorable. I like his sweaters too.

Ken Bower

Tuesday 1st of March 2022

Two Beautiful cats and a lot of Human idiots, How can anyone Hurt an Animal? alot of sick people out there, But I'm glad there so many kind Hearts to stand up for these Creatures.

Michael Freitas

Tuesday 1st of March 2022

Hard to believe that people can be so cruel. I'm so glad that Flower found the Loving Home and Family he deserves. What happened to his buddy Godzilla?