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55 Pigs Crammed in One Dark Stall for Entire Life – See Sun & Joyfully Roll in Mud for First Time

55 Pigs Crammed in One Dark Stall for Entire Life – See Sun & Joyfully Roll in Mud for First Time

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When 55 pigs were found packed into a single horse stall, rescuers worried about how they were going to find homes for all of them.

However, they were committed to giving these pigs a better life. 

Just in time, one new farm animal rescuer stepped up to the challenge.

Keep reading to discover how these four beautiful pigs finally got the life they’d always deserved.

A Light at the End of the Tunnel

Ted Campreth of Butterfly Field Farm, located in Bedford, Virginia, had never raised pigs.

But when he learned of 55 pigs all living in a single horse stall, he knew it was time to build his first pigpen.

“They had never seen the light of day; they had spent their whole life in there,” said Ted.

It was a living situation no animal should ever endure, and luckily the county had stepped in to help. Now, the 55 pigs needed homes.

“I signed up to take on two and was quickly talked into taking four,” laughed Ted.

Ted’s heart is so big, it’s almost impossible for him to say no to animals in need.

He may have been a little worried, but Ted wouldn’t regret accepting all four.

A New Home

Pooh Bear, Wilbur, Rocky, and Creed arrived at Butterfly Field Farm, hesitant of the new life they were about to embark on.

“Pooh Bear was by far the most personable,” recalled Ted. “He was the youngest so he hadn’t really developed the mistrust for humans that the others seemed to have.”

Ted did everything that he could to make the pigs feel at home, trying his best to make up for the life they had been living in the dark.

“I made this big, elaborate mud hole. It was beautiful. I was very proud of myself for building this,” said Ted.

It may have been the first mud hole he’d ever built, but with river rocks covered in grass and black walnut reinforced fence posts, Ted was sure this luxury mud hole would last for years.

“Then the pigs came and within three days they completely tore it apart,” Ted laughed. “I don’t know if they did it for entertainment, or if they thought I built them a lousy mud hole.”

Just like all of the other animal residents at the farm, these four pigs were about to teach Ted so much.

True to One’s Self

After some research, Ted realized that the pig’s actions were nothing personal. They were just doing their thing!

“I quickly learned that they dig their own mud holes. I guess they’re better at it than I was,” said Ted.

Ted realized that Pooh Bear, Wilbur, Rocky, and Creed would spend many days practicing their mud hole digging.

“I like to say that pigs are at their happiest when their noses are covered in mud,” said Ted. “And they’re always covered in mud.”

A pasture that was once a field with trees quickly became mud and more mud holes.

These pigs were finally living like pigs.

Getting to Know Each Other

“One of the cute things about Pooh Bear,” said Ted, “is whenever he gets a piece of food, he runs all the way to the back of the pen.”

Ted and his family have a routine of giving all of the animals a little treat each night.

“We got a kick out of him grabbing a piece of watermelon and going to the back and as soon as he’s done, he’ll come to the front to see If there’s anything left over.”

Pooh Bear has always been food-driven, to the benefit of Ted.

It had come time for the pigs to be neutered, and Ted had no idea what he was up against.

Taken to Task

Ted now needed to get the pigs out of their mud hole and into crates for transport: easier said than done.

“I thought ok, we’ll walk in there, I’ll grab them, stick them in a crate, and take them to the vet,” said Ted. “I quickly learned it would be much more challenging.”

Pooh Bear saw the food in the crate and happily went inside to eat.

The rest of the pigs were not convinced the food was worth entering the crate for.

“That was a wrestling match with all the others,” said Ted. “The thing about pigs is, they’re low to the ground, they have extremely powerful legs, and there’s nothing to hold on to.”

They eventually got the other pigs in the crates, but Ted was grateful for how trusting and food-driven Pooh Bear is.

Free At Last

Ted hopes to continue to learn all of the ins and outs of caring for pigs.

In fact, Pooh Bear, Wilbur, Rocky, and Creed would just be the beginning of Ted’s pig rescue experiences.

Since welcoming the four pigs to his home, Ted has also fostered a mama pig and her 3-day-old piglets.

Pooh Bear, Wilbur, Rocky, and Creed are eternally grateful to Ted for giving them the perfect home after their first years of life were lived in such poor conditions.

Thank you to Ted of Butterfly Field Farm for giving these pigs a bright future!

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If you’d like to learn more about how you can help Ted continue his lifesaving missions at the sanctuary, click here.

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

rita tinka

Thursday 29th of July 2021

This is wonderful. Thank you kindly for all you do. You are true heroes.