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Dumped Kitten Immediately Recognizes Lost Brother, Purrs with Joy When Reunited

Dumped Kitten Immediately Recognizes Lost Brother, Purrs with Joy When Reunited

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When a woman in Southern California found a gray and white kitten abandoned on her front porch, she knew she needed to act fast.

It was clear that life hadn’t been fair to this 3-week-old kitten, but that was about to change.

Fortunately, the woman knew exactly how to help him.

Keep reading to learn how this lonely kitten was surprised with the best gift he could ask for!

Rushing to the Rescue

The woman reached out to her neighbor, who happened to be a volunteer for Milo’s Sanctuary, a non-profit cat rescue organization.

The volunteer immediately agreed to take the kitten to the sanctuary for some much needed care.

There, they learned more about the sweet kitten whom they named Bumble.

“Bumble had a kitten cold, an eye infection, and he was not weaned,” said Andrea Murphy a volunteer for Milo’s Sanctuary.

The sanctuary staff and volunteers wasted no time treating little Bumble.

They were determined to see him thrive!

“They got him on medication, bottle-fed him, and slowly weaned him,” Andrea recalled. 

Milo’s Sanctuary felt confident they could improve Bumble’s health, but there was still something Bumble was missing…a friend.

As fortune would have it, an extra special friend was right around the corner…

A Beautiful Reunion

About a week after Bumble arrived at Milo’s Sanctuary, the volunteers received news about another cat abandoned on the same porch! 

They welcomed this new kitten into their care and named him Rumble. 

Kittens are happier and healthier when they have a companion to socialize with.

They were excited to introduce Bumble to Rumble since they appeared to be the same age.

Little did they know, these two had already met!

“There were no doubts that they were brothers. When they were reunited, they actually recognized each other and were so happy to be back together,” Andrea shared. 

It was beautiful witnessing the reunion between the brothers.

The siblings curled up in a warm embrace, grateful to have their broken family made whole again.

Thankfully, Rumble didn’t seem to have any health issues and was allowed to snuggle with Bumble right away. 

From there, the two were attached at the hip.

A Special Bond

Bumble and Rumble were inseparable, never wanting to leave each other’s side!

It became clear to the sanctuary that the two were a bonded pair.

The idea of separating them broke everyone’s hearts. They needed each other.

“The founder of Milo’s Sanctuary decided that the two of them will be adopted together when they’re ready just because they’re so bonded,” Andrea shared.

There was a bright future ahead for this adorable duo!

A New Start

It wasn’t long after Bumble and Rumble entered the sanctuary that Andrea took them under her care.

She was delighted to see how easy their transition was.

“They were quickly weaned and litter box training was a breeze for them. They’re two of the neatest and sweetest cats,” Andrea shared. 

The two are very smart and well-behaved. They never gave their foster mom any trouble!

Bumble and Rumble were always purring, just happy to be at each other’s side with a loving foster mama. 

They also got along well with the other cats in the household. 

“They know which cats they can and can’t play with. It’s interesting how they figured out which ones to be social with and which ones to avoid,” Andrea shared.

This made their foster journey a walk in the park.

Andrea watched and couldn’t help but smile when witnessing the brothers’ special bond grow even stronger each day.

A Precious Pair

Since arriving at Andrea’s home, this precious pair has grown closer than ever.

They always seek each other out when whenever they get separated– even by only a few feet!

“If one walks away from the other by a certain distance and they can’t see each other anymore, the other will start to cry and the other one will come running back,” Andrea said. 

There’s never a dull moment with Bumble and Rumble in the house.

They squeak and tumble around excitedly as they play chase and paw at their wand toys.

Although Bumble and Rumble have their own unique personalities, they complement each other very well. 

“They are super attached to each other! They’re very sweet together,” Andrea shared.

These two are sure to bring joy to whoever becomes their forever family.

We can’t thank Milo’s Sanctuary enough for giving this adorable pair the life they deserve.

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MJ Bouchard

Tuesday 11th of January 2022

I'm wondering if St. Johns County "Animal Control Clinic" off US 1 have special needs cat with disability?? In St. Augustine, Florida