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Tiny, Stray Senior Dog Rescued Off Street, Spends Golden Years Roller Skating

Tiny, Stray Senior Dog Rescued Off Street, Spends Golden Years Roller Skating

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When an Arizona rescue saw a senior dog on a Bakersfield, CA shelter’s website, they knew they had to do something.

He seemed extremely skinny and in need of some medical care that the shelter might not be able to provide.

Knowing they could help, and that senior dogs are much less likely to be adopted from a shelter, the rescue stepped in on his behalf.

Keep reading to find out what happened next!

A Helping Hand

When staff at Camp Golden Years saw a senior dog in need of help, they knew they had to do something.

They believed they were the right place for him because they specialize in caring for senior dogs and finding them homes.

They picked him up and immediately got to work getting this 11 year old boy’s health back in order.

The dog, now named Mr. Scribbles, had a number of medical needs, including needing his teeth removed, but they were able to get him back into tip top shape!

Mr. Scribbles was safe and cared for now, but his journey was just beginning!

Looking for Love

Now that Mr. Scribbles was healthy, it was time for him to start looking for a forever home!

Senior dogs often have a tough time finding forever homes, especially if they’re in a shelter.

Mr. Scribbles’s odds were higher at a rescue like Camp Golden Years, but even there, he was having trouble.

It had been six months, and Mr. Scribbles had still not found a forever home.

But, he never gave up hope, believing that his forever family could be just around the corner.

A Perfect Fit

One day, Camp Golden Years got a call from a woman named Amber looking to adopt a dog.

Amber and her partner had recently lost their two dogs, but enough time had passed for their hearts to now have room for one more.

“Giving a home to a senior dog was something that we cared a lot about,” Amber said.

The rescue set up a time for Amber and her partner to meet Mr. Scribbles and another one of their dogs.

It didn’t take them long to decide between the two pups.

“We saw Mr. Scribbles and we saw his personality, and we just knew he was the right guy for us,” Amber said. “And we took him home that day.”

Mr. Scribbles was a perfect fit for them, and they couldn’t wait to begin their new life together!

Going to the City

Amber was a little worried that it would be tough for Mr. Scribbles, moving from a rural place to his new apartment in LA.

But, he surprisingly felt right at home!

“He’s a friendly guy. He’s interested and curious about things,” Amber said.

While the hustle and bustle of LA definitely took some getting used to, it was clear that Mr. Scribbles was very happy with his new arrangement.

He immediately proved to be a cuddler, and was very comfortable inside their apartment.

Living Life to the Fullest

While Mr. Scribbles adjusted well to the city life, Amber still did her best to get him back out to the country as much as she could.

“We go on a lot of trips, to the beach, to a hiking trail, wherever,” Amber said. “We try to give him as many opportunities to get out and help him see the world.”

Mr. Scribbles might be getting up there in age, but that hasn’t seemed to slow him down at all.

Speaking of speed, Mr. Scribbles has picked up a new hobby since moving in with Amber: roller skating!

Amber bought a backpack for Mr. Scribbles to sit in so she could take him roller skating.

“He loves to go fast and see the world from a whole different view,” Amber said. “The look on his face, it’s like he’s in heaven.”

Mr. Scribbles lives it up, whether he’s on the couch or on wheels.

Happily Ever After

When he’s not out adventuring, he snoozes hard on his favorite pillow and blanket on the couch.

“His favorite part of the day is cuddling with me in the morning,” Amber said.

He also loves breakfast in dinner, which is cooked personally for him on the stove.

Mr. Scribbles isn’t the only one enjoying his new life though.

Amber and her partner’s lives have improved significantly ever since the cute little guy walked into their lives.

“Adopting a senior dog has been one of the best things that we’ve chosen to do,” Amber said.

Mr. Scribbles and his family are living proof that adopting a senior dog can be every bit as fun and rewarding as adopting dogs of other ages!

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