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Abandoned Puppy Found With Fur Extremely Matted, So Happy to Have a Haircut

Abandoned Puppy Found With Fur Extremely Matted, So Happy to Have a Haircut

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Naty, a Schnauzer mix, and her mom, Becky, had found themselves literally trapped in a horrible situation 

Their owners decided to move away and leave them behind. 

The worst part was that their humans locked them in the house when they left, telling no one that the poor dogs were there.

Naty and her mom were scared and hungry, just hoping someone might find them.

Keep reading to find out what happened next!

To The Rescue

Naty and her mama were patiently waiting for help when something amazing happened. 

Miraculously, Giselle Colon, founder of OBRA Rescue, learned about their plight, and immediately orchestrated a rescue mission for the pair. 

As expected, the rescuers found Naty and Becky in a bad shape. 

“They spent two to three weeks in the house with no food,” Giselle sadly recalled. “When we rescued them, they were sleeping in their own business.”

The rescuers immediately gave them food and took them to a groomer to get cleaned up.

Naty was understandably very scared, and Giselle could tell something more was wrong.

“Naty would growl every time the groomer tried to touch her. She wouldn’t let anyone close to her,” Giselle recalled.  

When the groomer was finally able to shave off her matted fur, they discovered something horrible hiding under that mat.

Heartbreaking Discovery

As it turned out, Naty wasn’t just scared to be touched.

Her fur was hiding a painful injury that made her avoid being touched.

“Under her mat, she had a very bad skin infection, especially in one of her legs. She had an infected open wound,” Giselle shared. 

Giselle could only imagine the pain Naty was going through with such a severe infection. 

Thankfully, OBRA had enough help from the people in the community to fix Naty up and get her up and running in no time.


Immediately after getting groomed, Naty was brought to a vet to get the medical attention that she needed. 

“As soon as we put her on pain medication and antibiotics and she started healing, she was a totally different dog,” Giselle shared. 

Now that Naty was more comfortable, she was able to accept the love and care she wanted without being in pain.

She showed her gratitude to the vet team with kisses and snuggles.

After three weeks, the vets finally released her and off she went to a foster home to recover.

Road to Recovery

Once Naty settled into her foster home, she started showing more of her true personality.

“She is the happiest, most loving dog. I cannot believe the family left her behind,” Giselle shared. “She’s perfect.”

Naty quickly grew fond of her foster mom and wanted to follow her everywhere.

She also got along really well with the other foster dogs in the house. 

“In four to five weeks, she is a totally different dog.” Giselle said. “I’m surprised at how fast she recuperated. Foster homes make such a difference.”

Now recovered, both body and spirit, Naty was ready to take the next, most important step, in her rescue journey…

Forever Home

Naty needed a forever home!

Giselle had the perfect home in mind as well, one of her good friends in Puerto Rico, Mari! 

She now has a wonderful human mama, and a fur sibling to play with!

It’s nothing but the good life from here on out for Naty.

“She goes for walks everyday, sleeps the whole night with her doggy sister.” Giselle shared. “She is doing amazing.”

Naty is so happy to have found the perfect home, and Giselle can tell how thankful she is for it all.

Click here to follow OBRA and learn more about their amazing rescue work.

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

Siobhan Dove

Friday 10th of June 2022

What happened to Natys Mom Becky????