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Cat Saved Minutes Before Almost Euthanized – Celebrates by Wearing Little Taco Costume

Cat Saved Minutes Before Almost Euthanized – Celebrates by Wearing Little Taco Costume

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Teddy the tuxedo cat was in rough shape when he arrived at shelter in Sherwood, Arkansas.

Poor Teddy was weak, dehydrated, malnourished, and full of parasites.

All signs pointed to having lived a harsh life on the streets.

At only 3 years old, it was clear life had not been kind to him.

As soon as he arrived, the shelter took him to a vet where he was put on antibiotics and tested for FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus).

Little did Teddy know, his results would put his life in danger.

A Heartbreaking Discovery

Teddy tested positive for FIV.

To make matters worse, the shelter had a strict policy: any FIV+ cat would be put on the euthanasia list.

Many people don’t know that FIV+ cats can live a long and fulfilling life in the right home.

Despite their FIV policy, shelter staff wanted the best for sweet Teddy.

The sweet tuxedo cat had plenty of life left to live and it wasn’t fair to euthanize him after all he’d been through.

The shelters started reaching out to rescue groups and in hopes that someone could take Teddy into their care.

They decided to search until Teddy finished his antibiotic treatment.

If they had not found someone to take him by then, they would have no choice but to have to euthanize him.

A Friend in Need

The shelter came up empty handed in their search – Teddy was running out of time.

Teddy was hours away from being euthanized when a miracle happened…

They reached out to Sarah Richardson of Community Cats of Central Arkansas and she volunteered to take Teddy at the last minute.

When Sarah answered the call, she was shocked to learn that Teddy was already knocking on death’s door. 

“They told me what was going on, that he was going to be put down that afternoon at 3pm,” she recalled. 

She knew nothing about Teddy aside from his FIV+ status; she’d never even seen a picture of him.

All she knew for certain was that she needed to act fast. This was a race against time.

Thankfully, Sarah made it just in time!

She arrived just 10 minutes shy of when he was scheduled to be euthanized.

“I got there at like 2:50 and picked him up,” she said. 

On The Mend

Teddy knew he was in good hands the moment he arrived at Sarah’s home.

He could finally rest easy knowing he was safe.

It was clear to Sarah that Teddy needed far more than just antibiotics, therefore she took him to another vet the following day.

“We got him all fixed up. He got neutered, vaccinated, and treated for all his parasites,” Sarah recalled. 

After Teddy got the medical attention he needed, it was time to show Teddy the true meaning of unconditional love.

Sarah and her family showered him with extra love and attention.

Teddy was put on a special diet and given his own bed and private space to rest and relax in.

Within just three weeks, Teddy felt better than ever and bursting with energy!

He quickly became Sarah’s shadow, following her everywhere and staying close by her side.

“He follows us around, everywhere literally. Like he loves attention and people. So if I’m washing dishes, he’s right at the bottom of my leg,” Sarah mentioned. 

Teddy made a beautiful transformation, showing no signs of this rough past.

A little love and patience go a long way.

Foster Failure to Be

Wherever Sarah goes, Teddy follows.

He’s a great assistant when it comes to doing chores!

“I have photos of him in the dryer, helping me unload the laundry.”

He’s a big ol’ teddy bear and a real lover boy. 

Naturally, his foster family couldn’t help but fall in love with him.

In fact, they adore him so much that they’re already thinking about making him a permanent part of the household. 

“We’re considering keeping him… he’s kind of like my cat right now,” she said.

While Teddy’s adoption application is still available in hopes that he finds the perfect home, she’s fairly certain he’s already made it there!

He celebrates his new life by having photoshoots and fashion shows for his foster family in adorable costumes and hats!

He loves the costumes because he loves attention – he can’t get enough love and attention!

Teddy went from a sickly stray cat facing euthanasia to an indoor cat living a life of luxury.

Now Teddy lives like a king! He’s sure come a long way.

Sarah Richardson is one of the few rescuers in Arkansas who rescues adult/senior cats in critical condition.

She has made it her mission to accept cats that others would reject or euthanize.

If it weren’t for Sarah, Teddy would have suffered a horrible fate.

If you’d like to donate food or supplies directly to Sarah through her Amazon Wishlist, please click here.

If you’d like to donate medical funds to help Sarah continue her lifesaving missions, please click here to learn how you can help.

Be sure to follow Sarah on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with all her incredible rescue cat adventures!

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

Kim Groom

Tuesday 30th of November 2021

I am so glad that Teddy is doing great and did not have to be put to sleep. There are good people out in this world who really cares about animals. The Lord took care of Teddy so he can have another chance at life.

Kate Kenner

Saturday 27th of November 2021

I am very glad that Teddy was rescued from death. He was not dying and so would have been killed, not euthanized. It is shameful that so many shelters do not know that FiV cats can live long and happy lives and are treated like disposable objects.