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Family Helps Surrendered Sheep Overcome Anxiety in Sweetest Way

Family Helps Surrendered Sheep Overcome Anxiety in Sweetest Way

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When a boy left for college and his family could no longer care for his childhood sheep, they were forced to make the tough decision of surrendering them.

The sheep were devastated by the loss of their family and home. Little did they know, the future had wonderful plans in store for them.

Keep reading to hear about the journey of three sheepish pals and the friends they made along the way.

A Sad Goodbye

On a farm in rural Pennsylvania, a boy was leaving for college. He was leaving behind three sweet sheep he’d raised from the time they were babies.

Unable to care for their son’s sheep after he left, his parents made the heart-wrenching decision to find them a new home.  

Luckily, the organization, Farm Sanctuary, could temporarily house the sheep while they looked for a responsible human to give them a permanent home.

The perfect match was about to be made.

Match Made in Heaven

Meanwhile, in Bedford, Virginia, a man named Ted Kamprath had followed his passion for animals and opened a sanctuary called Butterfly Field Farm.

Ted was well prepared for the work ahead, but he wanted to reach out to other sanctuaries to get some more expert advice.

As if by fate, he called up Farm Sanctuary. Not only were they able to offer him some advice, but they also asked if he would be willing to take in the three sheep!

Ted would soon find out that these three pals were no ordinary sheep.

A Fresh Start

The three sheep arrived at Butterfly Field Farm, ready to start this new chapter of their lives.

But first, the sheep needed names.

“We had a ‘name the sheep contest’ to raise money,” Ted explained.

The community came together to raise funds for the Sanctuary and name the three new sheep. The sheep were named Snow White, Joe, and Baaarbra.

It seemed that the sheep had everything they would ever need at Butterfly Field Farm Sanctuary. With new names and fresh green grass to munch on, Ted didn’t think anything could go wrong.

But soon, Ted learned Snow White, Joe, and Baaarbra would need a little more help settling into their forever homes.

Cold Feet

Ted quickly learned that Snow White, Joe, and Baaarbra were, well…sheepish.

“Sheep by nature are very skittish,” explained Ted.

Sheepish as they may be, Ted discovered the key to their hearts.

“They realized that people often bring treats,” laughed Ted.

The sheep loved mealtime and hoped that anytime a human was near, they had treats in hand.

“Every morning, when I go out, Joe is right by the gate. As loud as he can be so I recognize he is there,” said Ted.

Joe was the ram of the herd, protecting his two lady friends Snow White and Baaarbra.

But, as tough as Joe thought he was, the sheep needed a little extra protection.

Joe, Snow White, and Baaarbra had room in their pasture for a few more friends – donkeys, Suzie and Gerry, along with miniature horses, Yin and Yang.

Suzie and Gerry made sure nothing would happen to their sheep family, protecting them from predators day and night.  

Joe, Snow White, and Baaarbra were finally at peace. Their home was complete.

It was when they felt safe and secure that their true personalities started to shine.

To Each Their Own

Baaarbra is the social butterfly of the herd.

“Baaarbra bonded with the cows,” explained Ted. “It’s just amazing. You’ll see her eating with the cows, laying with the cows, roughhousing with the cows. It seems like she prefers the cows more than she prefers being with the sheep!”

Baaarbra even likes getting bathed by the cows!

While Baaabra is distracted by her cow friends, Joe tries to score as many treats and meals as possible.

“Joe is always the first one in line to find out if you have food or not,” Ted shared.

Joe is the loud and outgoing one in the group. He’s the opposite of Snow White, who prefers to hang back and quietly observe.

At Butterfly Field Farm, all of the sheep are free to be exactly who they are.

Happily Ever After

Now these three precious sheep are living their very best lives with the best of friends.

Thanks to Ted and the volunteers at Butterfly Field Farm, farm animals that would otherwise suffer a cruel fate can live a peaceful life of joy and wonder.

Though it might look like all fun and games, planning for the lifelong care of a rescue farm animal is no easy feat.

It’s very hard work that requires a tremendous amount of time and resources.

If you’d like to donate or learn more about how you can help Butterfly Field Farm continue their life saving missions, head to their website.

Follow Butterfly Field Farm on Instagram and Facebook to get regular updates on Joe, Snow White, Baaarbra, and the rest of Ted’s friends!

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

Mary Moore

Wednesday 14th of July 2021

How great to read positive stories about people saving animals of all breeds, caring for them in sanctuaries and giving them their best lives. As an animal advocate it's heartwarming to know these stories and pray for the day all animals lives will be protected and cherished.

Kate Kenner

Tuesday 13th of July 2021

I don't know who is luckier, Ted to get those 3 beauties and have that wonderful sanctuary or the sheep who get to live in that excellent sanctuary.. i guess they are all winners.