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Shy Mama Dog Brought to Shelter, Takes Her Time Finding the Perfect Match

Shy Mama Dog Brought to Shelter, Takes Her Time Finding the Perfect Match

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When a Puerto Rico dog rescue found a mama dog with puppies, they rushed into action to save them.

Luckily, the mama and her pups were in relatively good health.

The puppies found homes very quickly, but unfortunately their mama wasn’t getting the same attention.

So, the rescue sent the mama dog to a partner shelter to see if she’d have better luck there.

Keep reading to hear about this mama dog’s emotional journey to find a forever home!

New Horizons

When a litter of puppies and their mother were rescued in Puerto Rico, the puppies had no trouble finding homes.

However, the rescue found it more difficult to find adopters for the 2 year old mother, who’s name was Windy.

So, they sent her to their partner in Virginia hoping her forever home was waiting for her there.

The rescue had high hopes for Windy, but she still had a ways to go in her journey.

Slow and Steady

When Windy showed up to the shelter, she was very shy and reserved. 

She didn’t want to be touched and was very hesitant to let anyone get close to her.

One of the shelter staff, named Nisa, started trying her best to make the sweet girl feel more comfortable.

She sat with Windy outside and stayed with her at whatever distance Windy felt comfortable with.

It took time, but eventually Windy got more and more comfortable with Nisa getting closer.

“I just kept telling her that she’s safe now and that we were going to be friends,” Nisa said.

Nisa didn’t know how long it would take, but she was determined to gain Windy’s trust and show her she was finally safe.

Two Peas in a Pod

Slowly but surely, Windy started to warm up to Nisa.

Eventually, Nisa was able to get close to Windy and pet her.

Nisa quickly became Windy’s favorite at the shelter.

“The other staff members had started to joke that Windy was ‘my dog’,” Nisa shared.

It seemed that Nisa agreed with the other shelter staff.

“If I didn’t immediately say hi to her when I walked in the building, she would throw a fit and start barking,” Nisa said. 

But, the staff member’s jokes were just jokes.

Windy deserved her own true family now that she was a little less shy.

So, the shelter started working hard to get her adopted.

Patiently Waiting

Windy wasn’t nearly as shy as she used to be, but she still wasn’t as openly friendly as the other dogs.

She was a true sweetheart, but it was hard for potential adopters to really see that because of how reserved she was.

Consequently, Windy spent months waiting for the right family to notice her, but no one came along.

The shelter staff were heartbroken for the sweet girl, Nisa most of all.

As the weeks wore on, Nisa started to think maybe it was time to take matters into her own hands.

The Family You Choose

It had been months and Nisa finally recognized the truth – Windy had chosen her as her human. 

Windy wasn’t getting adopted because her family was already there, and her family was Nisa.

“I for sure knew that she was my dog,” Nisa said. “She chose me.”

After realizing all the jokes weren’t jokes after all, Nisa filled out the paperwork and officially adopted Windy.

They couldn’t wait to start their new life together!

Freedom Ride

Now out of the shelter for good, Windy was able to truly enjoy her quality time with Nisa.

She didn’t have to share Nisa with any other dogs, which was great.

While Windy still seems to have a few habits from her old life on the streets, it’s nothing Nisa can’t handle.

“She’ll steal clothes from the laundry basket and put them in her bed, or she’ll steal food and stash it,” Nisa said.

Aside from that though, Windy has fully settled into her new home. 

One Happy Family

Windy and Nisa have been loving life together, and they recently added a new fur sibling to the fold!

“She loves the kitten I have,” Nisa said. “They are obsessed with each other. They just wrestle and play together all day long.”

Windy doesn’t care much for toys, but she loves everything food related.

“Her favorite thing is to be the queen of crumbs, so my floors are spotless.”

Windy also goes to work with Nisa sometimes to help her with dogs at the shelter.

“She helps us work with dogs who have behavioral challenges,” Nisa said. “She’s really good with other dogs and teaching them how to do things”

Windy knows what it’s like to have your life turn upside down, so she’s the best dog for the job.

Nisa is honored that Windy chose her, and the two couldn’t be happier together!
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