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Sick Puppies Battling Illness Dumped on Street, Cling to Each Other Hoping for Better Life

Sick Puppies Battling Illness Dumped on Street, Cling to Each Other Hoping for Better Life

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A couple was enjoying a sunny day by a creek in East Tennessee when they witnessed something horrible. 

They saw a car suddenly stop and drop two puppies out on the ground.

What happened next stunned the couple witnessing the scene even more. 

The person who dumped the puppies threw a ball out for the puppies to chase!

The puppies ran after the ball, the car’s door slammed shut, and they drove away in seconds. 

The couple was absolutely shocked and heartbroken for the poor abandoned puppies, who were later named Dipper and Mable. 

Knowing that they wouldn’t survive long out in the open, the couple immediately brought the puppies home with them and reached out to East Tennessee Alliance for Animals (ETAA) for help.

Erin Burke, one of ETAA’s fosters and board members, reached out to them and happily took Dipper and Mable in.

Unfortunately, that was when the real struggles began…  

A Rough Start

As soon as Erin brought the two puppies home, she set them up in her spare bedroom and gave them medications for heartworm, fleas, and ticks the following morning. 

When she went to check them later that day, she found out that Mable had thrown up. 

“I thought it was just too much for her system,” Erin shared. 

However, what happened the following day made Erin’s heart sink. 

A Shocking Diagnoses

Mable soon seemed to be doing well, but it was Dipper’s turn to throw up. 

“It just hit him hard. So, I had feared that it was parvo because he just wouldn’t eat,” Erin recalled. 

Parvo is a highly contagious, life-threatening viral disease in dogs.

Having had experience with parvo before, Erin tried to treat the poor puppy at home.

She gave him fluids and antibiotic shots for three days while Dipper quietly suffered through his ailments. 

Unfortunately, nothing helped Dipper’s case, so they had to bring him to an emergency vet.

There, he was diagnosed with parvo.

But there was still hope!

Dipper underwent treatment and bounced back in no time.

Three days later, he was on his way back home with new supercharged puppy energy.

“It was like, you know, nothing had happened. He was back to himself; he was wagging his tail,” Erin recalled. 

Reunited and back to their normal selves, Dipper and Mable were curious to see what lay in store for them next.

Off to a New Start

Following Dipper’s recovery, the duo eventually moved out of their foster mom’s spare bedroom and were able to interact with the other dogs in the house. 

This was when Dipper and Mable’s individual personalities really started to shine through. 

“[Dipper] is really, really sweet, very submissive with me and the other dogs. Mable is the more mischievous of the two,” Erin shared. 

Both of them are very intelligent and playful!

Dipper and Mable especially enjoyed playing with Erin’s dog Flynn, who always loved welcoming in new foster siblings.

Happily Ever After

For the next few weeks, Erin watched as Dipper and Mable transformed into healthy, happy puppies.

She soon realized that they were finally ready to look for their forever homes. 

Erin then reached out to another rescue organization in New England to help her find their perfect families. 

With the organization’s help, Dipper was matched almost immediately with a nice couple.

Then it was Mable’s turn!

Although Mable didn’t land a new home right away, it wasn’t long before she found her own forever family in New England.

Thanks to Erin and ETAA, these boys have a bright future to look forward to!

Wonderful lives lie ahead of them.

They’ll be showered with love and attention in the comfort of homes they can finally call their own!

Though these sweet pups had a rough start, they pulled through with the help of a loving foster determined to see them thrive.

Dipper and Mable were in the best hands and we’re so happy they landed in Erin’s care.

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

Shelia Shrum

Friday 5th of November 2021

What a beautiful story of these two pups. So glad the couple saw them being abandoned and helped right away. Not to mention they could in turn be treated right away for the parvo and so then they healed and ended up with families to love and care for them. A wonderful end for could have been a very sad story. Thank you !