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Lonely Rescue Kitten So Grateful to Snuggle & Play with New Best Friend, Now They’re Inseparable

Lonely Rescue Kitten So Grateful to Snuggle & Play with New Best Friend, Now They’re Inseparable

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Meet Martini and Bellini! 

These adorable kittens may have had a rough start, but fate had more in store for them. 

Keep reading to learn how this precious pair found each other when they needed each other the most!

To The Rescue

Little Martini was found in someone’s yard in rough shape. 

She was dehydrated and malnourished, making her very tiny for her age. 

Despite being in poor health, sweet Martini had a heart full of love. 

The person who discovered her couldn’t keep her due to a cat allergy.

Luckily, help was on the way.

Annika Brown, a volunteer foster for Stray Cat Alliance, welcomed Martini into her home with open arms. 

“I didn’t have any bottle babies since all my current fosters are grown-ups and getting ready to be adopted, so I was like ‘Sure, I’ll take her in,’” Annika said. 

When Martini arrived in her new foster home, Annika immediately got to work on pampering her and showering her with love and attention.

She provided the kitten with her own cozy space and focused on getting her back to good health.

“She was super tiny, probably the size of a two or three-week old,but she was probably closer to four or five weeks old,” Annika shared. 

But despite everything Annika did for Martini, something was missing…

Lonely, But Not for Long

It turned out that Martini felt lonely as an only foster child. 

“I imagined she had siblings, but they weren’t able to find them,” Annika shared. 

Annika immediately realized that what Martini needed was a companion. 

Sure, there were other cats at home, but Annika knew that Martini needed someone her age to play and tumble with.

“I told the rescue she needs a friend ASAP,” Annika shared. 

Fortunately, the rescue did not disappoint. 

“About a week later, I got this super cute picture of a long-haired tabby cat with her tongue sticking out,” Annika recalled. 

Annika knew right away that the kitten, who she later named Bellini, was exactly what Martini needed. 

Soon it was time for Martini to meet her new friend. 

This was the moment of truth…

Newfound Friendship

Annika needed to take some safety measures before introducing the two kittens.

When Bellini first arrived at Annika’s home, she separated the two kittens. 

“I did have them quarantined for a little bit just to make sure that neither one of them were sick or could get each other sick,” Annika shared. 

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As soon as she deemed it was safe for both kittens, it was time for them to get acquainted. . 

That was when she witnessed the start of Martini and Bellini’s adorable friendship. 

“Once they were together, they became best friends fast,” Annika recalled. 

Since then, she would catch them playing and snuggling as if they’d known each other forever.. 

And as time went on, Annika witnessed Martini blossom into a healthy, happy kitten. 

She was happier and more energetic!

The best part was that she was adjusting well to her new life, all thanks to Bellini. 

Together Forever

Although the pair did have some health issues along the way, having each other made their recovery journey a little bit smoother. 

“They’re still struggling a little bit, but their energy levels are great,” Annika shared. 

They spend every waking moment together, enjoying each other’s company and snuggling with their foster mom. 

“Every morning, I wake up, and they’re snuggled together, arms wrapped around each other. I hear them in the middle of the night wrestling,” Annika shared. 

Once Martini and Bellini were fully vetted, it was time for them to be adopted.

As fortune would have it, both Martini and Bellini were adopted…together!

“They get to be sisters forever!” Annika wrote on Instagram.

“The girls are so lucky. Their new mom and dad welcomed them with homemade toys and treats,” said Annika.

Annika is so happy she was able to witness Martini and Bellini’s incredible bond and help them start a new chapter of life.

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Suzanne Roussel

Tuesday 1st of March 2022

Adorable 🥰 sweet 💖 precious 💞 babies 💖 cuteness overload 💘 that is a heart warming story ❤

Rob M Thompson

Tuesday 15th of February 2022

I love cats/kittens, dogs/puppies and all other animals. PLEASE, spay and neuter your pets. ADOPT DON'T SHOP! If you can, adopt senior special needs pets. You won't regret it. Give a senior nearing the end a chance to live ITS final days in a home of love instead of a cold and noisy shelter.