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Heartbroken Senior Cat Finds Love Again After Waiting Almost 1 Year for Someone to Adopt Her

Heartbroken Senior Cat Finds Love Again After Waiting Almost 1 Year for Someone to Adopt Her

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When this senior cat’s owner passed away, she was heartbroken and lonely.

To make matters worse, no one was able to take her in so she was sent to the local pound.

She was beginning to lose hope, but help was just around the corner.

Keep reading to find out what happened next!

Alone But Not Forgotten

Sky the senior cat was in a pickle.

Her human had passed away, and now she was all alone in the world.

To make matters worse, she would be forced to grieve the loss of her human somewhere full of strange, unfamiliar noises and smells.

She was taken to the Manhattan ACC, where all the other lost and lonely animals of NYC were.

It was very scary and chaotic, but Sky’s luck was about to change…

Someone had noticed her and was making moves behind the scenes to get her to a better place.

To the Rescue

Sky had somehow popped on the radar of Best Friends Animal Society in New York!

As soon as they heard about her, they went straight to the ACC and picked her up.

Before she knew it, she was in the loving home of a new foster family. 

They took her to the vet where they found out this sweet Sky was actually deaf.

She had a number of other health complications too, including severe allergies and bad infections.

But despite all of this, there was a light at the end of the tunnel!

Hope At Last

Sky stayed with her foster parents for almost 10 months.

During that time, Sky never once complained and was always the perfect foster cat.

Then one day, they got a call about Sky from a woman named Selena.

“Me and my partner at the time were looking online for a senior cat,” Selena said. “And she found Sky and said ‘we are getting this cat or else’.”

Selena saw Sky’s pictures and immediately fell in love.

However, there was still another obstacle…

Room for One More

Selena grew up with cats and has been a lifelong cat lover.

However, when her last two cats had passed away, she was devastated. 

“Once I lost them I decided I didn’t want another cat because I didn’t think I could handle the pain of losing one again,” said Selena.

However, one look at Sky’s pictures and she decided that it was a risk she was willing to take.

Selena had room for one more cat in her heart.

So it was settled: Sky would be going home with her new forever family.

Home at Last

Sky’s transition to her new home went much better than Selena expected.

“She was pretty cautious at first,” Selena said. “But by the end of the first night, she was sleeping in our bed with us.”

It was clear that Sky loved her new family and understood that she was finally in her new forever home.

Sky had been through so much, but Selena and her partner were willing to give this sweet senior girl all the love and attention she needed.

The couple was so happy they could give Sky the safety and security she always deserved.

A Day in the Life

Since adopting Sky, Selena and her partner separated and Sky remained with Selena.

Like the queen she is, Sky prefers to be an “only cat”, and the place Selena’s partner was moving to already had a cat.

Sky has been living the good life with Selena, being showered with all the love and attention her heart desires.

Selena is determined to make Sky’s golden years very special.

“She’s a little on the lazy side, she prefers to just lay on my bed or the couch,” Selena said. “Definitely the chillest cat I’ve ever had.”

But that doesn’t mean that Sky doesn’t love some adventure from time to time!

She even traveled across the country with Selena to go to a wedding.

She did great at the airport, and was very well behaved at the wedding.

Being a senior cat doesn’t stop Sky from living her best life!

Happily Ever After

Sky still struggles with a few health complications, but she has the perfect partner to weather the storm with her.

Selena is always at Sky’s side, through thick and thin.

The two are best friends, and they’re so happy they found each other.

Selena can tell that Sky knows she found her happily ever after.

She continues to thrive in a loving home where she feels appreciated and adored.

Sky’s story is a true pound-to-princess fairytale!

Want to see more of Sky?

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Wednesday 31st of May 2023

I am glad that Sky found a forever home. I can understand about losing her former owner. She is in a good place and will not have to worry about being lonely again. There are good people out there in the world today that will take animals that have been abused, abandoned or whatever. That God for the people that adopt animals.


Sunday 6th of November 2022

I just read your story about Sky, and went on Instagram to follow you and found out that Sky passed away, i’m so sorry sweetheart such a beautiful story thank you for loving her and giving her a home ,the tears roll down my eyes as I write this I’m so sorry.🙏🙏

Rob M Thompson

Friday 1st of July 2022

Thanks to all involved in helping Sky live out her remaining years in comfortable and loving surroundings!

Catherine J

Thursday 30th of June 2022

Selena, what a wonderful loving human being you are..I’m so glad that you found Sky, and adopted her..You are giving her, her best life..With all the great pics of her, you’ve taken, I can see you have showered her with affection..I’m so sorry about the past 2cats you’ve had, and lost..When I have lost a beloved pet, and am so sad, I try to think about the many sweet cats out there, who need loving homes, and I try to look beyond my sadness, and that it could be an opportunity to help another deserving kitty..I’m so sorry sweet Sky is ill and hurting, and that she is requiring very expensive tests and treatments..I have 10 cats and 2 dogs, and love them all so much..I’m 79 and on Social Security, so I cannot send money, but I am praying for you and sweet Sky..God bless you both..


Wednesday 29th of June 2022