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Sick Kitten Shows Up Out of Nowhere to Comfort Woman Grieving Lost Loved One

Sick Kitten Shows Up Out of Nowhere to Comfort Woman Grieving Lost Loved One

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When a kitten found herself sick and alone in a cornfield, she tried her best to stay brave.

She had no idea what to do, and hoped that someone would come along to help her.

Luckily, the right person was right around the corner…

Keep reading to find out what happened next!

Lost and Found

When Kelly moved from San Diego to Kentucky five years ago to take care of her mother, she never could have predicted the series of events that would lead her to her feline soulmate, Snickers.

Kelly’s mother had been diagnosed with cancer, and Kelly had moved to Kentucky to support her. 

Sadly, her mother passed away shortly after Kelly arrived, leaving her feeling lost and alone.

“I was in a pretty deep depression after my mother passed,” Kelly said. “So, I decided to pick up running.”

One day, while out on a run, Kelly saw a tiny kitten running towards her on the path around a cornfield. 

She was so surprised, but she knew exactly what to do next!

Rushed to Safety

The kitten was very friendly, but Kelly could tell that something was wrong.

“She was very, very sick,” Kelly said. “Her eyes were very goopy, they were hardly open, she kept sneezing.”

Without hesitation, Kelly scooped up the kitten and started heading back to her house. 

The kitten sat curled up in the palm of Kelly’s hand the whole way home.

It was clear that the sweet girl knew she had finally made it to safety.

But, she would have a long road to recovery ahead.

Road to Recovery

Kelly gave the kitten a bath and named her Snickers, because she saw a Snickers wrapper on the ground where she had first spotted her.

The next day, they went to the vet, who gave Snickers all the medicine she’d need to get over her illnesses.

While she was the sweetest patient, she was still very tired and lethargic from her ailments.

Kelly hoped that these medications would help her heal so she could start having fun again.

But, after two months, Snickers’s health seemed to be declining, not improving.

Never Give Up

Kelly decided to take another visit to the vet and tell them what was going on.

The vet’s opinion was devastating: Snickers probably did not have the strength to recover.

Kelly refused to believe this. 

“I’m a pretty stubborn redhead,” Kelly said. “I was not going to give up on her. So, I insisted that we go see a specialist.”

Snickers was lucky to have a human mama as determined as Kelly, because the specialist had a very different opinion than the vet.

Unraveling the Mystery

At the specialist, they discovered that Snickers had large polyps behind her eyes and ears. 

While this obviously wasn’t great for Snickers, it was treatable!

It would require two separate surgeries a few weeks apart from one another. 

The first surgery went great!

The second surgery was successful, but there was a complication that caused poor Snickers to lose her eyesight.

“They told me that, due to the nature of the complication, there was a chance her eyesight could come back,” Kelly said. “They gave it a 50-50 chance.”

Despite the setback, Kelly was determined to give Snickers the best life possible.

“I said, ‘It is what it is,” Kelly said. “I’ve got a healthy cat, and that’s what matters’.”

A Living Miracle

After two months, the unbelievable happened. 

Kelly was waving a wand around while she was holding Snickers and noticed her eyes following the wand.

They went to the vet, and it was confirmed that Snickers had gotten her eyesight back!

This felt like a miracle to Kelly, but then again, their whole adventure was miraculous.

Snickers showed up in Kelly’s life when they both needed each other the most.

On top of that, Kelly was only able to pay for Snickers’s medical bills because her mother left her money.

“I feel like my mother left me that money to take care of Snickers,” Kelly said. “I feel like she placed Snickers there at my feet that day.”

Happily Ever After

With Kelly’s love and care, Snickers started to come out of her shell and show off her quirky personality.

“She likes to play fetch for hours and hours,” Kelly said. “She likes to sit on my lap and watch TV.”

When Snickers isn’t snuggled up with Kelly, she sits like a human on the couch, on her bottom with her hands neatly folded over her chest.

“She loves to listen to me talk to her,” Kelly said. “I give her pep talks every morning.”

It’s clear that Kelly and Snickers were meant to find each other, and their bond is a testament to the healing power of love and companionship.

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.