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Ignored Special Kitten Happy to be Adopted by Someone Who Loves Her Uniqueness

Ignored Special Kitten Happy to be Adopted by Someone Who Loves Her Uniqueness

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When a special tabby kitten entered a local shelter’s doors, the staff members couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. 

The kitten, later named Penny, was understandably scared and confused by what was happening.

The shelter staff could tell that Penny suffered from physical complications on top of her emotional stress.

Their hearts broke for Penny seeing how unfair life had been to her.

Little did they know, there was something special in store for little Penny. 

Perfectly Imperfect

When Penny arrived at the shelter, the staff noticed that she looked different from the other cats.  

Penny had a cleft palate and was experiencing some respiratory issues that could potentially lower her quality of life. 

Because of these health issues, the staff labeled her as a special needs cat. 

They provided her with everything they could to make her time at the shelter more comfortable. 

While most kittens tend to be adopted quickly, Penny was different. 

They feared that people would be less interested in Penny because of her unique face and special needs.

However, one Arizona woman proved them wrong. 

A Match Made in Heaven

As fortune would have it, a woman named Kristie visited the shelter looking for a cat to adopt. 

“I work in healthcare and have always wanted to help rescue cats,” Kristie shared with Tail Talez. 

Kristie just so happened to come across the shelter where Penny was at. 

However, she was surprised by what she found.

Poor Penny had watched other kittens at the shelter get adopted while she remained overlooked and alone.

“I was told they were low on kittens, but had one left with a cleft palate,” Kristie recalled. 

Curious about the cat with the cleft palate, Kristie insisted on meeting the kitten. 

The day arrived when Penny and Kristie met face-to-face.

As soon as they met, Kristie knew this sweet little kitten belonged with her.

Penny was perfectly imperfect.

Her cleft palate gave her character!

“I knew right away I wanted to keep her,” Kristie said. 

Kristie filled out an adoption application right then and there.

She was approved and went home with Penny the very same day!

But this was only the beginning…

New challenges stood ahead of sweet Penny.

Road to Recovery

After officially adopting Penny, Kristie realized that Penny was still experiencing several health problems. 

“Penny came to me with lots of sinus and respiratory issues at first. She needed a lot of special care,” Kristie shared. 

Kristie wasted no time giving Penny everything she needed and more, hoping to give her the life she deserved.

It broke Kristie’s heart to think about how many people rejected Penny because of her uniqueness.

Kristie was determined to show Penny how much her human loved her and that she would never be rejected again!

Tender, Loving Care

Kristie showered Penny with extra love and attention.

She was taken to the vet where she received proper medical treatment.

Slowly but surely, Penny recovered from most of her symptoms, both physical and emotional. 

That was when she truly began to thrive. 

Once she came out of her shell, there was no stopping her!

“She was just so cute and sweet and wanted to be affectionate with us,” Kristie recalled. 

Penny’s personality started to shine through as she felt more secure in her new forever home.

It didn’t take long for Penny to blossom into the charming tabby she was destined to be! 

Happily Ever After

Since becoming a part of Kristie’s family, Penny has been living nothing but the good life!

She loves her human and knows she is loved back. 

Penny can finally rest easy knowing she’s in good hands.

She’s definitely enjoying the perks of being an only child!

She loves being the only pet in the house, and Kristie wouldn’t have it any other way.

“She’s a bit feisty and definitely meant to be in an only-cat household,” Kristie shared. 

These days, Penny spends her time playing with her mom’s bracelets or sunbathing under supervision on her chair outside. 

Now Penny is certainly living a life of luxury!

Kristie made Penny’s pound-to-princess fairytale come true.

She’s so grateful she ended up with a loving family who gives her the wonderful life she deserves!

Be sure to follow Penny on Instagram to keep up with all her latest adventures.


Penny was admitted to the emergency vet on December 27, 2021.

Kristie posted on Instagram asking Penny’s followers to send prayers.

“Prayers for Penny, please. She spent hours at the emergency vet yesterday,” Kristie announced.

“She’s still refusing to eat, waiting for her vet to get back to me. Not how we intended to spend the holidays,” Kristie continued.

Penny has a fighting spirit with a strong will to live, but she needs all of our love and support!

Please keep sweet Penny in your thoughts and prayers.

Kristie will continue to update everyone on Penny’s health through Instagram.

**UPDATE: 12/30/21**

Kristie posted on Instagram with a positive update on Penny!

She is back home and finally feeling up to doing some activities she enjoys, like perching by the window for fresh air.

“She’s finally eating a bit of her treats, thank goodness!” said Kristie.

Penny will be making some follow-up vet visits to ensure she continues making progress.

“Thank you all for the overwhelming prayers and well wishes for her!” said Kristie.

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.


Monday 6th of June 2022

Kristie...for however long Penny lives (and I hope it's a long time) you have both given each other the most precious gift of LOVE!!❤❤❤

Kim F Pettigrass

Wednesday 5th of January 2022

Sending hugs & prayers to Penny 🙏

Michael Freitas

Friday 31st of December 2021

Get well soon Little Princess so You can have a Very Happy New Year. Best Wishes and God Bless You and Your Mommy Always

Kim Groom

Friday 7th of January 2022

I am so glad that Penny is doing good. She is a pretty kitty, and I am than thankful to God that she is well after having to go to the emergency vet December 27, 2021. Best wishes to Penny and I hope she has a wonderful year.!! Love you.

Kerry Koen

Wednesday 29th of December 2021

Prayers for precious Penny. She has been thru way too much and come way too far for her story to have a tragic ending.