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Disabled Cat Saved from Euthanasia Finds Purpose Being Mama Cat to Foster Kittens

Disabled Cat Saved from Euthanasia Finds Purpose Being Mama Cat to Foster Kittens

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When a vet’s office got a call from a woman asking to euthanize a cat and her sister, the staff were absolutely shocked.

The woman said she wanted the cats euthanized because they couldn’t use their back legs and as a result were having trouble using the litter box.

The vet staff couldn’t believe their ears.

They knew exactly what they could do to help these cats out.

Keep reading to find out what happened next!

Shocking News

The vet staff called up Michele Hoffman, the founder of Milo’s Sanctuary, knowing that she would be able to help.

Michele was horrified to hear this news and knew she needed to act right away.

“I called the woman myself, and I agreed to take the cats from her as soon as possible,” Michele shared.

With the two cats now safe in her care, Michele could see that they were in desperate need for some TLC.

Assessing the Damage

Michele brought the cat, now named Moonpie, and her sister, Luna to the vet to see why they were having trouble.

Moonpie seemed to have been born with an abnormality that caused her back legs to be twisted.

Because of this, the vet said that Moonpie would unfortunately never be able to walk on four legs.

However, Luna’s condition was able to be fixed through surgery!

While Luna was now ready for adoption, Moonpie was going to need more care before Michele would be able to figure out the best course of action for the sweet girl.

Healing a Broken Heart

Moonpie’s body was going to stay the way it was, but Michele knew that the sweet cat’s heart was what truly needed healing. 

“She had clearly been mistreated by her former owner,” Michele shared. “She was very, very hand shy.”

Michele could tell that Moonpie would need time and space to learn to trust human’s again.

In the meantime, she began to brainstorm ways to help Moonpie live her best life in spite of her condition.

They put ramps up to every cat tree, so she could hangout like the other cats.

Because Moonpie couldn’t use a litterbox, Michele used pee pads to construct a place for Moonpie to comfortably relieve herself.

As Michele got closer to creating a setting where Moonpie could thrive, she began to realize what the best possible future for the sweet girl might look like.

Already Home

Michele eventually realized that Milo’s Sanctuary would be the perfect forever home for Moonpie. 

Moonpie had already been through so much, Michele didn’t want to run the risk of her losing her home again because of her unique needs.

It seemed that Moonpie also finally understood that she was home, and she began to accept love and pets from her caretakers.

“We started slowly, just lightly petting her body,” Michele said. “Eventually, we were able to give her little chin scratches.”

Moonpie’s once broken heart was that much closer to being whole again.

Making Up for Lost Time

After a few years at Milo’s Sanctuary, Moonpie finally opened up to being her complete and beautiful self.

“Now, she’s a lovebug,” Michele shared. “She loves nothing more than to lay in her bed and get belly rubs.” 

While she’s not as mobile as the other cats, she doesn’t seem to notice it. 

“She walks with her front legs while she lifts up her back legs to slide on her knees,” Michele said. “She’ll get up for dinner, and come scooting out to eat and drink, meowing the whole way.”

Moonpie’s heart was now fully healed, and she was ready to show everyone how hard her little heart could love.

Feline Foster Mama

Moonpie has voluntarily given herself a new role at Milo’s Sanctuary.

“She loves taking care of the new cats, she’s kind of mama cat,” Michele shared. “You’ll often find the new cats cuddled up with her, getting groomed.”

It seems like Moonpie wants to share all the love she was given and help other cats get back on their feet, just like her!

Moonpie is so happy now, surrounded by fur siblings and the loving staff at Milo’s Sanctuary.

Michele knows that Moonpie is so grateful for all the work she did to give Moonpie a home that worked for her.

“There’s always a way to figure out something to make their lives better,” Michele said.

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Sharon Christopher

Thursday 9th of June 2022

I love hearing this they do have purpose’s for not being euthanasia.