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Wobbly Kittens Steal Vet Tech’s Heart, Now She’ll Never Let Them Go

Wobbly Kittens Steal Vet Tech’s Heart, Now She’ll Never Let Them Go

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When two wobbly kittens turned up at a shelter in Colorado, the staff knew they’d need someone special to take care of them.

However, no one had experience caring for kittens with these special needs before.

The litter mates were so cute and cuddly, though, it was obvious someone would step up to give them the care they deserved.

Keep reading to find out what happened next!

Answering the Call

The shelter determined these stray kittens had cerebellar hypoplasia, or CH.

CH is a neurological condition that results from an underdevelopment of the part of the brain responsible for body movement, which explains the kittens’ wobbly walking.

The kittens needed a foster, but no one at the shelter had experience working with CH.

When Brooke, a vet tech at the shelter, saw these two kittens, her heart melted.

She followed a number of other cats with CH online and these two babies reminded her of them.

While she had never taken care of cats with CH before, she knew enough that she was willing to give it a try.

So, she agreed to foster them that very day!

New Names for a New Life

Brooke named the boy Gulliver, using a play on words to turn Gulliver’s Travels into Gulliver’s Wobbles.

She named the girl twerk, because of the way she moved her bottom when she walked.

Now with new names, the kittens settled in fairly well to their new foster home with Brooke and her husband.

“They weren’t super shy, they just hadn’t fully figured people out yet,” Brooke shared.

Despite their hesitance, the kittens wanted to explore their new home straight out of the gate!

A Safe & Happy Place

Gulliver & Twerk’s exploration was a little disorganized, to say the least.

“They were wobbly and falling on everything,” Brooke said.

Because their condition caused them to fall down frequently, Gulliver and Twerk were a little more susceptible to injuries.

“So, we baby proofed the whole house using pool noodles, blankets, and pillows,” Brooke said.

With the home now safe for exploring, Brooke got to work figuring out what else these kittens would need.


It didn’t take long for Brooke to realize how special these kittens’ needs were.

“They can’t really eat or drink effectively by themselves,” Brooke said. “They also can’t groom themselves, so we bathe them regularly.”

Brooke and her husband help feed, water, and groom Gulliver and Twerk every day, and the siblings are always grateful for it.

“They are great and well behaved,” Brooke said. “They adjusted very well to their environment.”

While it was a lot of work, Brooke was so happy to be the one to get to care for these babies.

She was so happy, in fact, she started to think maybe she never wanted them to leave!

Foster Failure

Gulliver and Twerk were originally just supposed to be fosters.

However, Brooke was starting to think that they were meant to have an even tighter bond.

“I was already in love with Gulliver, and Twerk loved my husband,” Brooke said.

As time passed, both Brooke and her husband realized how sad they would be if Gulliver and Twerk went somewhere else.

“One night, we had them each in our laps and just realized that they were going to stay forever,” Brooke shared.

With that realization, Gulliver and Twerk’s foster home turned into their forever home!

Happily Ever After

It’s been two whole years since Gulliver and Twerk first wobbled into Brooke’s life.

The siblings get to run around as much as they want, and at the end of the day cuddle up with their human parents.

Brooke and her husband couldn’t be happier that they decided to adopt the siblings all that time ago!

It was definitely a leap of faith, taking them in as new fosters, but it paid off in the end.

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