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Neglected Special Needs Puppy Struggles to Find Help, Kind Woman Drops Everything for Him

Neglected Special Needs Puppy Struggles to Find Help, Kind Woman Drops Everything for Him

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When a woman saw a photo of a struggling puppy on Facebook, her heart was broken.

He clearly had some sort of disability and was not being taken care of properly.

His fur was a mess, and he had sores and scabs all over him. 

She hoped that someone would do something for this poor boy, but didn’t know what she could do herself.

Keep reading to find out what happened next!

A Heavy Heart

The puppy’s picture lay heavy on the woman’s heart.

Then, she saw his photo pop up on a different Facebook group, and then another!

Apparently, this puppy had some sort of neurological condition that kept him from being able to walk without falling.

His owners were not taking care of him either, which was why his fur was so messy and he had so many festering injuries.

She was devastated that anyone could allow such a precious animal to suffer like this.

But then, she saw that a few rescues had been informed about his condition!

Taking Matters into Her Own Hands

She thought that one of these rescues was going to take the puppy in, but then she saw his pictures online again.

None of the rescues were able to take this poor boy in, and the woman worried the puppy may not last much longer in his current situation.

So, if no one else could help, the woman decided she’d go and do it herself!

After getting some answers, the woman went to where the puppy lived and managed to get them to agree to let her take him home. 

She had no idea how to help this dog beyond rescuing him from his horrible situation, but she was determined to find out!

A Call for Help

The puppy, now named Titan, was safe now, but he really needed to see a vet.

The woman knew he’d need to see a specialist, but she didn’t think she’d be able to pay for it.

She also didn’t really even know where to begin with his care needs.

So, she called in backup!

She eventually got in touch with the Special Needs Animal Rescue League, or SNARL, of Calgary, Alberta.

“She reached out to us and we agreed to take Titan on,” Sarah, one of the three co-founders of SNARL, said. “She agreed to keep him on as a foster until he found his forever home.”

Typically, it’s difficult for rescues to decide who they are able to take on.

However, because the woman offered to foster him, the biggest obstacle in taking a new dog in was taken care of!

Now with help from SNARL, the woman and Titan were fully ready to take on whatever the future held!

Discovering the Truth

A visit to the vet revealed why Titan was having trouble walking.

The vet discovered that Titan has cerebellar hypoplasia, which is a condition where the brain fails to develop properly before birth.

Cerebellar hypoplasia can have mild to severe symptoms including jerky, uncoordinated movements, wobbling, and trembling.

Now that Titan’s foster had a better idea of his needs, she was excited to see how he would progress in her care!

Off to the Races

While Titan’s symptoms aren’t severe, he does have some trouble with movement and staying still.

“His head is pretty wobbly. He’s always got the wiggles,” Sarah said. “He’s almost never fully still, unless he’s asleep.”

He also has fairly pronounced hypermetria, which means he steps extra high whenever he walks around.

While he could walk short distances on his own, his foster thought it would be best to also train him to use a wheelchair.

While he doesn’t necessarily need the wheelchair to move, it helps him put less effort into staying upright and more into having a good time with his buddies!

“It takes him a little while, but once he gets going he can take off like a horse,” Christina, one of the other co-founders of SNARL said.

Off to the races, Titan was ready to show everyone what he could really do!

Making New Friends

Since joining his foster and recovering from his earlier poor treatment, Titan has truly blossomed into a bubbly hunk.

His favorite thing to do is run around in his wheelchair with his foster brothers!

The SNARL team jokes about him being their “frat boy gone soft” because he clearly loves to be one of the boys, but can’t help snuggling up on the couch if he sees someone sitting down.

“He loves to snuggle on the couch and ham it up,” Sarah said. “He lives a happy life.”

Titan has separate wheelchairs for indoor and outdoor use, as well as a sling that his foster mama uses to help him walk on his own.

Titan is full of love and joy, and all he wants is to find the perfect forever human to share that with!

A Special Person for a Special Boy

Now having reached a stable place in his foster home, Titan is ready to find a forever home!

He will need a special family, but that goes without saying because he’s a special guy!

“Titan is going to need somebody who understands his needs and is prepared to meet those,” Sarah said.

Titan is not as independent as some other dogs, and will need a little help moving around, but he always thanks his mama with kisses and snuggles. 

While his wheelchair may seem intimidating, it truly is more of a help than a hindrance once you get the hang of putting it on.

“The wheelchair is less intimidating than it looks,” Sarah said. 

Looking for The Perfect Home

Seeing as how Titan has thrived so much with his foster brothers, Sarah also says that Titan would do best with at least one other fur sibling in the home to play with!

“He thrives with dog on dog contact,” Sarah said. “That’s when he’s happiest.”

Titan also would love to have daily time in his wheelchair to run around and breathe in the fresh air. 

Ultimately, Titan will do best with an adopter who loves him the way he deserves to be loved!

He is such a special boy, he is sure to return that love ten times over.

Click here to check out his adoption page!

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