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Loving Pup Crosses Ocean & Mends Grieving Woman’s Broken Heart

Loving Pup Crosses Ocean & Mends Grieving Woman’s Broken Heart

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When an earthquake hit in Puerto Rico, many people and animals were put in very tough situations.

One such animal was named Wishbone.

Wishbone’s human was elderly and, after the earthquake, needed to move into a retirement home where she could not take her precious pup with her. 

As a result, Wishbone went to a local rescue, OBRA, where they would find a new home for her. 

Wishbone was upset and scared, not knowing what the future had in store.

Luckily for her, she was in good hands, and she never would have guessed what would happen next.

A Friend in Need

Around the same time that Wishbone was looking for a new home, a Wisconsin woman was looking for a new doggy best friend for her own pup, Chusa.

Chusa had recently lost her best friend, Tessa, in a tragic accident.

Chusa’s human, Mary Catherine McMurry, was heartbroken for her because Tessa had really helped Chusa begin to enjoy life.

“Chusa went into a very serious depression,” Mary Katherine recalled. 

Nothing could lift her spirits up, and even though there were two other dogs in the house, she was still grieving the hole in her heart left by Tessa.

So, Mary Catherine reached out to Giselle Colón at OBRA to see if they may have a dog looking for a home that could be a companion for Chusa.

A New Addition To The Family

As luck would have it, Giselle knew just the dog. Wishbone seemed like a perfect fit, like she and Chusa could heal each other’s broken hearts.

At first, Mary Catherine was hesitant because Wishbone was only a year old. 

“It’s been like 40 years since I had a puppy, and so I wasn’t really sure about that one,” she said. 

Despite her tiny hesitation, Mary Catherine decided to push through with the adoption and bring Wishbone home.

Luckily, she turned out to be exactly what they needed. 

Settling In

When Mary Catherine first introduced Wishbone to her dogs and cats, she was surprised to see how well she fit in. 

In fact, even her cat, Bonaire, who typically hated other animals, was noticeably interested in the tiny puppy. 

“I couldn’t believe Bonaire liked this little dog,” Mary Katherine recalled. 

“[Wishbone] is just a total bundle of love. She likes to play, she loves food, she loves everything.”

Thanks to the one-year-old puppy’s playful and affectionate personality, it didn’t take long for Chusa to warm up to her.

And before their fur mom knew it, they were bonding like best friends. 

Happily Ever After

They would go for zoomies in the yard every morning and would always make Mary Catherine laugh with their play fighting.

 It was as if Wishbone was the breath of fresh air that the older Spaniel needed. 

“[She] and Chusa fit perfectly. Tessa had been about four years older than Chusa. Getting a younger dog for Chusa was the right thing to do,” the fur mom said. 

These days, Wishbone spends her time with her best friend Chusa and her other dog pals, Louie and Bo. 

All four dogs love to run around Mary Catherine’s property, and snuggle up with their human mom after a day of hard play.

Although Wishbone’s story started out with a broken heart, it led to two hearts mended and bonded forever, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.