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Sweet Kitten Survives Attack, Learns to Trust Again in Perfect Forever Home

Sweet Kitten Survives Attack, Learns to Trust Again in Perfect Forever Home

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Shiro was just one of many street cats in Bangalore, India. 

He had been on his own ever since he could remember.

He was only a kitten, and was having trouble fending for himself.

Then one day, Shiro was tragically attacked by another animal while looking for food outside of a bakery.

It seemed like things couldn’t get worse for the little guy, but fate had big plans in store for him.

Keep reading to find out what happened next!

Never Give Up 

Shiro was only about 6 weeks old when he was attacked by an animal while looking for food. 

The poor kitten, now hungry and in pain, was beginning to lose hope

But, he wasn’t going to give up even though times had gotten even harder. 

The situation was grim, but help was just around the corner.

To the Rescue

As if by fate, a group of rescuers from Bangalore Cat Squad came across Shiro by the bakery.

They could tell he had been injured and immediately sprung into action to get him medical attention.

When they got him to safety, they realized he had a broken nose and was severely malnourished.  

They treated him, gave him a yummy meal, and set him up in his own little spot so he could recover in safety. 

Through it all, Shiro was very cooperative and cuddly. 

It was as if he knew he was finally safe and in good hands. 

Soon enough, Shiro would be ready to take a new step in his road to recovery!

A Fresh Start

Around the same time that Shiro was put up for adoption, a local woman named Shrija was looking for a cat to bring home. 

“I’ve always wanted a pet because in my childhood, I had about 11 cats,” Shrija shared. 

So when her son got old enough to have a pet around the house, she decided it was time to start searching for a furry companion. 

That was when she came across Bangalore Cat Squad. 

“There are so many abandoned cats, I wanted to adopt one rather than look somewhere else,” Shrija shared. “So, I contacted Bangalore Cat Squad, and they gave me some photos.”

She excitedly browsed through the adoptable cats’ pictures right away, hoping to find the perfect one of her and her family. 

When she landed on Shiro’s photo, she instantly knew that he was the one she was looking for. 

“I fell in love with Shiro immediately,” Shrija shared. “So, we set up a time for me to go and meet him.” 

Shiro didn’t know it yet, but he was one step away from finding his forever home!

Slow and Steady

When Shrija met Shiro, she instantly knew that he was the one. 

Shrija excitedly filled out the adoption paperwork and loaded Shiro into her car.

It seemed that Shiro also knew that Shrija was the one for him.

“He was so friendly,” Shrija recalled. “Within two hours of reaching home, he was showing his belly and allowing us to pet him.”

However, Shiro was still just a little bit hesitant to fully relax; it seemed like all this was too good to be true.

“Whenever we come from behind and pet his back, he would immediately go on alert mode for a second,” Shrija shared. “But, after a few weeks, he completely trusted us.”

Now fully at ease, Shiro was free to be the happy little kitten he was always meant to be.

Living the Good Life

Shiro has been a permanent fixture in Shrija’s home now for a few months, and life has been good to the ginger tabby so far. 

These days, he spends most of his time playing with the vegetables he sneaks out of the kitchen.

He loves snuggling and getting pets as well.

His favorite spot to nap is the nearest bucket he can find.

Shiro still remembers his past though, and it makes every day he gets to spend with Shrija that much better.

From the street life to the sweet life, Shiro’s story shows us how important perseverance and love can be.

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

Rob M Thompson

Monday 6th of June 2022

Thanks to all for rescuing Shiro!