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Unique Looking Dog Loses Teeth, Gains Career in Activism

Unique Looking Dog Loses Teeth, Gains Career in Activism

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When a family’s dog came down with a severe mouth infection, they weren’t sure what to do.

They realized his medical bills would add up to more than they could afford. 

So, they sadly had to surrender him.

Keep reading to find out what happened to this dog next!

A Trip to the Dentist

When the family took their dog to the vet, they discovered he would likely need to have all of his teeth removed to combat the infection.

They knew they wouldn’t be able to afford this, so they took him to the Nevada Humane Society, hoping that they would be able to take care of their pup.

Luckily, the staff at the humane society were able to help this sweet boy, now named Peanut.

They had resolved his dental issue, but they quickly discovered another problem: Peanut hated being in the shelter.

A Helping Hand

The shelter needed to find a foster for Peanut, and they needed to find one soon.

With everything that had happened to the poor boy, it made sense that the shelter life was pushing him to a tipping point.

That was when Kristen Saibini, a foster volunteer and the then development director at the shelter, entered the scene.

 Just days before, Kristen had lost her first rescue dog and was still grieving. 

“The animal care director came to me and said ‘I know you just lost your dog, but would you be willing to give Peanut some help’,” Kristen shared.

Kristen realized that maybe she and Peanut could help each other out, so she agreed to foster him!

A New Adventure

Peanut was so happy to get out of the shelter and join Kristen in her home.

“He adapted pretty quickly and learned to trust me in no time at all,” Kristen said.

He followed Kristen around everywhere, keeping her company and giving her love.

Kristen loved his company so much that she decided to bring him along on a trip to San Francisco that she had planned before agreeing to take him in!

“I carried him all over San Francisco, which was fun,” Kristen said. “He did really well.”

While on their trip, Kristen began to realize how quickly she had formed a bond with this awesome foster dog.

Foster Failure

After only a few weeks with Peanut, Kristen had made her mind up about his place in her home.

“I had fully intended on just fostering him,” Kristen said. “But, I’m pretty bad at fostering.”

They had already grown so close in such a short time, and her other dog PJ was really enjoying Peanut’s company.

Kristen knew that Peanut belonged with her family forever, so she adopted him!

“He’s just a very very special dog,” Kristen said. “He’s very sensitive, kind, and intuitive.” 

With the papers signed, Peanut’s fate was sealed: he had found his forever home!

A New Career

After officially settling into his forever home, Peanut set his eyes on a new goal: activism.

With Kristen’s help, Peanut began spreading the word about animals in need.

“Peanut has turned into quite the little superstar,” Kristen shared. “He’s the official mascot now of Nevada Humane Society, he’ll do events,meet and greets, and fundraisers.”

People see Peanut’s cute face and are reminded of how every animal deserves a wonderful life.

He’s also become a certified therapy dog, and he volunteers his time at a nearby hospital.

But, Peanut’s life isn’t all work—he gets playtime too.

Happily Ever After

Peanut spends his off days snuggling up with Kristen and his other fur siblings at home.

“If I’m at home on the couch or sleeping, no matter where I am in the house, he’s with me,” Kristen shared.

He also loves to play and eat snacks.

Peanut has found the perfect place for him, and Kristen couldn’t be more thankful that that place is with her.

“He’s just a really, really special, one in a million dog,” Kristen said.

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