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Bald Senior Cat Surrendered – Waddles Up to People for Love Despite Achy Joints

Bald Senior Cat Surrendered – Waddles Up to People for Love Despite Achy Joints

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When an elderly woman had reached a point where she no longer could give the care her senior cat needed, she and her family started looking at their options.

While it would be heartbreaking, they knew the best option would be to find a responsible rescue to rehome the cat. 

Keep reading to discover how a heroic rescue made a decision that changed this sweet senior cat’s life forever.


A Tough Decision

Blanche, a senior hairless cat, arrived at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue located in Asheville, North Carolina in the winter of 2021 as an owner surrender.

“Blanche had been living with an elderly woman and that woman herself was going through a lot of health concerns, so she was not able to give Blanche the veterinary care that she really needed,” explained Leah Craig Fieser, Executive Director of Brother Wolf Animal Rescue.


Blanche weighed over 17 pounds, had a skin infection, and a dental infection.

The dental infection had moved to the sinus cavities, preventing Blanche from breathing out of her nose.

Blanche was going to need a lot of help, but the staff at Brother Wolf were more than capable of lending their helping hands.


Hello, are you here to help me?

At 13 years old and severely overweight, Blanche had difficulty walking. But, her achy joints didn’t keep her from saying hello to everyone at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue.

“She loves to be pet. She loves to lay in people’s laps. Even that very first day when she arrived at our shelter, which can be a traumatic day for any animal going from a home environment into a shelter environment, she just loved our staff members.” Leah recalled.


Blanche definitely missed her human, but she knew she was in good hands.

“She walked around and spent time in everybody’s lap,” Leah shared.

As a senior cat, Blanche had the wisdom to understand that these people were here to help her.

With her new friends, she was ready to get started on the road to recovery!


Hairless friends make the best of friends

Soon after arriving at the Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, Blanche went to live in a specialized foster home. Here, she recovered from dental surgery and began her weight loss journey.

Blanche also made a special friend at the foster home!

“The foster parent also has a hairless dog at home so of course we just loved that connection of this caring and knowledgeable woman serving as Blanche’s foster mom and also Blanche getting to know a hairless dog. We just thought that was so cute and so perfect for her,” said Leah.


And they were right. Blanche thrived at her foster home. She shed pounds, had healthy skin, and her dental infection had cleared!

At 13 years young, it was time for Blanche to begin a new chapter of life.

A New Beginning

Blanche’s adoptive family had been following her rescue journey for months. 

“The meet and greet could not have gone any better, they were obviously so in love with this cat,” said Leah. 

Acknowledging that rescuing a senior cat would come with medical concerns, Blanche’s adopters knew she was meant to be part of their family.

Blanche’s new humans adopter her because of her needs, not in spite of them.

They couldn’t wait to get her back home and give her the life she deserved.


Happily Ever After

Blanche wasted no time in settling into her new home.

She now spends her days in her favorite cat bed next to a heater – a hairless cat’s dream.

At night, you can find her in bed, sleeping between her humans. 

“I am so glad they gave her to Brother Wolf so we could give her the type of home she deserves,” said Leah, “I have no doubt that she’ll have a wonderful happily ever after.”

We’re also thankful for Blanche’s original human’s willingness to do right by her, even if it was a tough decision.

Because of the responsible humans in her life, Blanche will live the rest of her days the way she deserves: full of love and warmth!


Watch Blanche’s journey in the video below!

About Our Hero

Thanks to Leah and the Brother Wolf team, many animals (much like Blanche) are given a second chance at life.

Brother Wolf goes above and beyond when it comes to animal welfare. They’re not your typical shelter or rescue organization.

They’ve changed their community for animals through low-cost mobile spay & neuter clinics, shelter transfer partnerships, volunteer & foster networks, and trap-neuter-return programs for feral cats.

However, they rely entirely on the donations of kind-hearted individuals to continue their life saving missions.

To help Brother Wolf create a kinder world for animals, follow them on Facebook and Instagram to see more of their incredible rescue work and learn how to help!

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.


Wednesday 19th of May 2021

Thank you so much for finding this sweet baby an awesome and loving home that she definitely deserves ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Kim Groom

Monday 17th of May 2021

I think it is so wonderful that people take in these abused animals. It is so sad that people out there in this world have to do this to there animals or any other animals. Please, we need to stop animal abuse. When you see animals out there, please help them and give them the care they need. God bless to all you help these abused animals.