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Skittish Tripod Puppy Feels Human Love for First Time After Traumatic Accident

Skittish Tripod Puppy Feels Human Love for First Time After Traumatic Accident

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When a group of scared and shy puppies were found, rescuers wondered what kind of life they had lived to make them so afraid of humans.

One dog in particular was struck by fear, but there was a woman out there who would help both her body and soul heal.

Keep reading to hear about one dog that had to learn to love and trust humans to survive a terrible accident after a rough start to life.

All on Their Lonesome

Raven and her littermates lived a rough and tumble first year of their lives.

They grew up on a property void of proper socialization.

They were fending for themselves and didn’t know the love of humans or the happiness of other puppies.

Marion Animal Resource Connection (MARC) located in Jasper, Tennessee stepped in to help the puppies.

They scooped the litter up and transported them to Great Dog Rescue New England, located in Woburn, Massachusetts.

“Raven was very, very shy and skittish when she arrived at the isolation facility,” explained Liz Weinstein, a volunteer foster for Great Dog Rescue New England.

Raven didn’t understand these kind rescuers were trying to help her. She just wanted to get away.

In a split second, Raven squirmed out of helping hands. It was a dark, rainy night, and she was a small dog with black fur.

Not long after the search began, rescuers heard a sound that made their stomachs turn. The screech of tires on payment.

Tragedy Strikes

They rushed to the sound, afraid of what they may find.

“One of our volunteers at the kennel heard the accident, ran out, grabbed her, and realized she had a very faint heartbeat,” recalled Liz.

Raven had run into the street and was seriously injured by a passing car.

“We didn’t think she would make it,” said Liz. “But, we were all willing to give it a try.”

Raven underwent surgery to save her life. During the surgery, she sadly had to have her leg amputated.

It was still unclear if Raven would ever live a normal life.

With no medical background and little idea of what Raven’s condition would be, Liz volunteered to foster Raven back to health.

Another Obstacle

Liz brought Raven home, setting up a pack-n-play to keep her safe and comfortable.

But, Raven’s fight for her life wasn’t over. On the second night, her incision opened completely.

She was rushed to the hospital for an emergency surgery.

“She’s a tough little cookie,” said Liz.

Raven was determined to live, and despite her fears, she would have to rely on Liz to help her.

“It was a learning process for me, and for her,” explained Liz. “Trying to figure out how to pick her up, trying to deal with managing this really serious incision.”

Because of all of Raven’s other injuries, she wasn’t trying to hop around on her three legs.

In fact, she wasn’t moving her back legs at all.

A Miraculous Surprise

Liz feared the worst – that Raven had neurological issues that would prevent her from ever using her back legs again.

“Every day I was hoping she would stand on her back legs again,” said Liz.

Liz had planned a weekend away and in her place Charlotte, a vet tech and friend of Liz’s, would care for Raven.

That’s when the unbelievable happened. Little Raven took her very first steps.

Liz was overwhelmed with joy!

She was so excited that Raven took her first steps, despite being a little disappointed that she wasn’t there to see it.

Raven would in fact live a normal life – and it seemed she had found the person she wanted to live that life with.

Love at First Sight

Charlotte had fallen in love with Raven, and Raven with her.  

“Because she was dog-sitting and because Raven took those first steps, they really bonded,” said Liz.

Charlotte adopted Raven and took her home with promises of love, care, and trust forever!

Today, nothing slows Raven down.

“I just never imagined she would be that dog. I never imagined she would be the queen of the dog park. And she is,” said Liz.

Raven has learned to trust again and loves her humans with her whole heart.

She also has gained a new best friend after she settled into Charlotte’s home, another special needs puppy named Eliza!

As for Liz, Raven had changed her.

Liz had been very much outside of her comfort zone, caring for a dog on the brink of life so in need of special care and love.

“We can do it; people can do it, and dogs need us to do it. They need us to foster and care for them. It’s life-changing, it really is life-changing,” shared Liz.

Thank you, Liz, Charlotte, and all the other rescuers for giving Raven a fighting chance. 

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

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