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Tiny Kitten with Big Personality Lives Up to His Name: “Godzilla”

Tiny Kitten with Big Personality Lives Up to His Name: “Godzilla”

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When a volunteer foster needed to go out of town, she was planning on temporarily taking her foster kitten back to the kitten nursery.

This was pretty routine, but the kitten was so young that she was sad he’d have to deal with the back and forth.

Luckily, a solution to her problem was right on the horizon.

Keep reading to find out what happened next!

A Helping Hand

Andrea Murphy, a foster for Best Friends Animal Society, was talking with another foster from the rescue when she heard something interesting.

Her friend was going out of town and was sad that she would have to take her current foster kitten, Godzilla, back to the sanctuary for temporary housing.

Godzilla was a bottle baby, and while the sanctuary could handle him, both the women knew the kitten would do best in a real home.

Andrea’s heart melted when she saw pictures of the cute little guy.

The more they talked about him, the more Andrea began to think of ways she could help.

Eventually, she landed on the perfect solution!

Moving House

Andrea offered to take Godzilla in and become his new permanent foster.

She had the time and space, and she had another kitten named Flower who was just a little bit older than Godzilla and looking for a friend.

“I thought perhaps as Godzilla grew, they could be playmates,” Andrea said.

So, when the time came for Godzilla’s foster to leave town, he embarked on the next leg of his rescue adventure.

Andrea wasted no time at all in making him feel at home.

While Godzilla was surprised to find himself in a new place, he also had a number of surprises in store for Andrea.

Getting to Know Each Other

Andrea didn’t know much about Godzilla’s background, except he was found as a bottle baby and was missing two toes on one of his feet.

“Aside from his toes, he was a healthy, roly poly little tabby with the cutest spotted belly,” Andrea said.

Godzilla loved feeding time, and he always ate everything Andrea gave him.

He was growing fast, but he wasn’t big enough yet to meet his foster sibling.

Flower, on the other hand, was growing more and more curious by the day about his new friend.

Earning the Namesake

Flower couldn’t contain his excitement about having a new playmate.

“I kept Godzilla in a stroller because he was still too little to play,” Andrea said. “But, Flower would climb all over the stroller and look at Godzilla through the net.”

Eventually, Godzilla also got impatient and convinced his foster mom to let him play with Flower.

He was still a little small, but he proved he could keep up!

“He thought he could hang with the big boys,” Andrea shared. “He lived up to the name Godzilla.”

Godzilla might have acted like a big boy, but he still looked up to his older foster brother.

“He loved Flower so much,” Andrea shared. “It was so cute to see him as a tiny kitten following Flower around.”

Happily Ever After

Eventually, Flower found his forever home and both Andrea and Godzilla were so happy for him.

Godzilla was a little sad though, and missed his foster brother.

Luckily, he wouldn’t be lonely for long!

“I had a friend reach out about him who had recently adopted another kitten from me,” Andrea said.

She knew this would be the perfect setup for the sweet boy.

Not only would he go to a great home, but he’d have a new friend to play with too!

With the adoption papers filled out, Andrea sent Godzilla on to his happily ever after.

Now, he’s livin’ the good life with his fur sibling, still living up to his name!

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

Alice Wells

Thursday 23rd of June 2022

What a big godzilla. Wishing him a storybook life.