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Tripod Brother Kittens Overcome Tough Journey, Their Love for Each Other Keeps Them Strong

Tripod Brother Kittens Overcome Tough Journey, Their Love for Each Other Keeps Them Strong

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When Evergreen and Twig were born, their caregivers noticed that something wasn’t quite right with their little legs. 

Their umbilical cord had most likely wrapped too tightly around their legs while they were in the womb. 

This led to Evergreen missing half of one of his back legs and half of his remaining back foot. 


Poor little Twig also had half of his back legs and some of his tail missing.

These two would need special attention– the kind of attention that their caregivers weren’t sure they could give.

Despite how much they loved the kittens, they had to do what was best for Twig and Evergreen’s future.


Calling for Backup

While the kitten’s original caregivers wanted to keep Evergreen and Twig, they knew that sometimes love meant letting go.

They did the responsible thing and reached out someone with more expertise on special needs kittens.


Evergreen and Twig were then transferred to the care of Annika Brown, a volunteer foster for the Stray Cat Alliance.

Annika happily welcomed the adorable duo into her home with open arms.

However, Annika was no stranger to caring for special needs kittens.

She knew it would be a long road to recovery for Evergreen and Twig.


Helpful Hands

Annika immediately started round-the-clock care for the bottle baby bothers.

Evergreen was a bit of a difficult case with a weak appetite, but Annika was determined to see him thrive!

“For several weeks, I had to tube-feed him to get him to eat,” Annika shared. 


After about three months of diligent care, Evergreen and Twig started perking up. 

“Their legs started to heal on their own. They were looking good,” Annika recalled. 

Just when Annika felt more confident about their progress, things unexpectedly took a turn for the worse.

Trouble in Paradise

Evergreen suddenly started experiencing complications with his back leg. 

“It was getting infected a lot. Apparently there was an exposed bone,” Annika explained. 


It finally got the the point where little Evergreen needed to have his leg amputated.

Around the same time, Annika noticed that Twig wasn’t his usual self. 

“He was very lethargic and not really eating,” Annika recalled. 

A visit to the vet revealed that Twig was suffering from a disease called Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). 


Luckily, the diagnoses was made early early enough to give Twig treatment options!

“We committed to starting him on the treatment. Within a couple of days, he was a brand new cat!” said Annika.

However, the rollercoaster ride didn’t end there. 


“About a week after we started the treatment on Twig, Evergreen was also diagnosed with FIP,” Annika shared. 

To make matters worse, Twig eventually had to have his severed leg removed too. 

No matter how many obstacles life threw at the brothers, they emerged trimuphant!

These tiny but might kittens weren’t ready to give up– they were fighters.


Annika never gave up hope. She always believed in them.

With Annika by their side, nothing could stop them!

Tiny but Mighty

Just as Annika had hoped, Evergreen and Twig bounced back in no time!

“You could tell that their appetite increased. They started moving around more,” Annika shared. 


The pair also began playing and snuggling with Annika’s other foster kittens. 

Evergreen and Twig’s recovery was an incredible journey to witness!

Annika’s hard work had finally paid off.

“All signs point to good health, and they’re going to be fine!” said Annika.


Happy, Healthy Kittens

The brothers got healthier and stronger with each passing day!

The worst is finally over and they can focus on normal kitten activities like playing, pouncing, and snuggling.

Twig and Evergreen’s personalities are shining brighter than ever.

Evergreen loves cuddling with his foster mom loving on everyone he meets.


Twig, on the other hand, enjoys his independence a bit more than his brother.

He, too, loves playing with his brother and foster siblings.

“Both of them are my alarm clocks in the morning. They come up, and they run on my chest,” Annika shared. 


There’s never a dull moment with Twig and Evergreen around!

Annika is thankful she’s gotten to see them blossom into healthy, happy kittens.

Happily Ever After

Evergreen and Twig are so irresistible and charming that they already have an adopter lined up!

However, the brothers will remain in Annika’s care for the time being while they continue to recover.


As soon as they receive a clean bill of health, they’ll be on their way to live happily ever after with their forever family!

“I do plan on having them adopted together. They have the same energy level and the same expectations for play time,” Annika said. 

Until they’re officially adopted, Annika is more than happy to continue showering these two with love and attention. 


Life surely hasn’t been a walk in the park for Evergreen and Twig, but their journey is a testament to their strength and strong will to live.

We can all learn a thing or two from this dynamic duo!

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

Michael Freitas

Wednesday 2nd of February 2022

I'm so glad that they are doing well and that both of them have found a Loving Home and Family together. Best Wishes and God Bless