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Spunky Two Legged Puppy Wheels Her Way into the Perfect Forever Home

Spunky Two Legged Puppy Wheels Her Way into the Perfect Forever Home

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Puppy With Tiny Arms Wheels her Way into Foster’s Hearts

When a vet’s office received a call about a newborn puppy with abnormal front legs, they were shocked at what they heard.

The breeder wanted the puppy euthanized!

Luckily, the vet’s office agreed to take in the puppy, but they had much better plans in mind for this girl.

Keep reading to find out what they did!

Always a Better Way

When the vet’s office received the request from the breeder, they immediately knew that this puppy deserved much better.

So, they took the puppy in and began making some calls.

The vet staff called a local shelter, who in turn contacted Homeward Trails, a rescue located in Fairfax, VA.

The rescue said they would be delighted to take in this poor puppy.

There was just one issue: they needed to find a foster for her.

With Arms Wide Open

The rescue sent out an email to their foster network, hoping someone would welcome the puppy, now named Tyra, into their home.

K Scarry, one of the fosters, saw Tyra’s pictures and immediately offered her home to the tiny pup.

“They needed someone to find out how to best meet her needs,” K said. “So, I signed right up!”

Given Tyra’s misfortunes, K assumed that the sweet puppy might be a little shy at first.

However, Tyra was about to prove just how resilient she really was!

A Whole New World

Straight out of the gate, Tyra surprised K with how friendly and optimistic she was. 

“She was very much a spunky little puppy,” K said. “She’s always had a big personality.”

Tyra clearly wanted to live her life to the fullest, and K got straight to work on finding out how to help her do that.

“We took her to see a few different vets to see what her care needs might be,” K said.

The vets reported that Tyra wasn’t in any pain, and that she would just need a little help learning to move around in her own little body. 

K had never helped a puppy with needs like Tyra’s, but she knew that together they could accomplish anything.

Hot Wheels

Turns out, Tyra was pretty mobile from the start!

“She taught herself to walk on her own indoors pretty well,” K said. “But, we got her a cart to use if we’re walking outside or on pavement.”

It took Tyra a little while to adjust to the cart, but she enjoyed every moment of the learning process.

In no time at all, she was zooming around on her wheels, just as mobile as the other dogs.

Finding a Forever Home

Now that K had figured out Tyra’s needs and how to best care for her, it was time to start looking for a forever home for the puppy.

K was so excited for Tyra to find the perfect home, but a piece of her was a little sad when she thought about Tyra leaving.

Tyra had become such a special part of K’s life, K realized she couldn’t let the little pup go.

“We already knew what all of her long term needs were, and we loved her so much,” K said. “We just decided to adopt her ourselves!”

Now officially in her forever home, Tyra was free to fully settle into the good life.

Happily Ever After

Tyra has been living her best life since the day she met K, and it only got better after being adopted!

“She is very curious, very opinionated, and very spunky and loyal,” K said. “She has a lot to say,and she doesn’t like being left out of anything.”

Luckily, K wants Tyra to join her for as many activities as possible!

“She insists on playing fetch multiple times a day,” K shared. “She also loves our 70 pound black lab, and they’re best friends.”

While Tyra seems very thankful to K for giving her an amazing family, K knows it’s really Tyra who deserves all the appreciation.

“It’s been such a joy and an honor for us to be the people that get to help her learn and grow along the way,” K said.

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.