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Publicly Abused Puppy Travels Over 1,000 Miles to Escape Abuser

Publicly Abused Puppy Travels Over 1,000 Miles to Escape Abuser

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Maggie Bradley, an animal cruelty investigator and founder of Biscuit’s Legacy in Harrisburg, Arkansas, has witnessed some tragic cases over the years.

She wasn’t surprised when she received a call one evening from another rescuer seeking help.

“They had a situation in a neighboring town where they thought a dog had been run over. But the person who called me felt like there was something else going on,” she recalled.

When she arrived at the scene, she realized it was worse than she could have imagined.

Keep reading to discover how one woman’s strength and determination saved this dog from a life of abuse and suffering.

“Something isn’t right…”

As an experienced animal cruelty investigator, Maggie knew something wasn’t adding up.

Maggie arrived on the scene and met with dog’s owner, however, the condition of the dog didn’t line up with his story.

According to the man, his dog had been run over earlier that day.

This poor pup was clearly suffering, but not from being hit by a car. Her injuries told another story.

“I know what car related injuries look like. And I knew this dog had not been hit by a car,” Maggie recalled.

Instead, the dog looked like she’d been injured on purpose

A Shocking Discovery

Maggie began to question the man. Under pressure, he started to backtrack and began mixing his own story up.

Things were looking fishy…

“So it was decided at that point that I decided I was going to take the dog,” Maggie said.

She revealed to the man that she was taking the dog into her custody, which led him to say something that shocked her.

“Yeah you can have the dog. I was going to get rid of her anyway,” he said.

Maggie attempted to conceal her anger and gather the necessary paperwork to take custody of the dog.

“He filled out a surrender form, we loaded her up in the car, and I was on my way to the emergency vet,” Maggie said.

This rollercoaster of a rescue wasn’t over yet, though.

The Truth Revealed

On her way to the vet, Maggie received yet another call about the dog who laid whimpering in her front seat.

A witness had come forward, but their story was very different from the one the dog’s owner had shared.

“The witness saw the man stomping on the dog. She had apparently run into the street after he opened the door. He was trying to ‘teach her a lesson’ and stomping on her was her punishment,” Maggie recalled.

Unfortunately, the witness was unwilling to come forward and share her testimony with the police. She feared retribution.

To make matters worse, the horrible events the witness described matched what the vet had found in the dog’s medical assessment. 

The dog was suffering from a twisted fracture in one leg and a four-inch-long knife wound in another, which had festered and formed an abscess. 

There were also abrasions all over her body– further evidence of abuse.

Maggie named the sweet girl Luna.

The nine-month-old pup would start her recovery journey with antibiotics, pain pills, and several follow-up visits to the vet.

The vets gently patched Luna up and put a cast on her broken leg. Once the abscess healed, the knife wound was stitched up and wrapped.

Just when Maggie thought this nightmare was over, she received an unexpected call from Luna’s abuser…

Protecting Luna

The man called and demanded his dog be returned to him– Maggie was shocked.

“Needless to say, he was not going to get that dog back,” Maggie said. “We firmly said no. He signed legal documents that said he could not have his dog back.”

Maggie took Luna back to her house to heal and recuperate. While things were finally settling for Luna, they only got worse for Maggie.

Luna’s abuser called yet again– but this time, he was threatening to take Luna by force.

A Fresh Start

“When he threatened to come get her, we knew we needed to transfer her somewhere he couldn’t find her,” Maggie said.

Luna was sent to The Humane Society of the Delta, where the executive director personally took Luna in.

There, she was showered with love and attention while she recovered from her traumatizing past.

Soon, it was time for Luna to start looking for a forever family– one that promised to love her and never hurt her.

Her rescuers wanted to give Luna a true fresh start, making sure she was far away from any memories of abuse.

“We didn’t think she’d do well adopted out here. She needed to go on transport and start a completely new life,” Maggie explained.

The plan was put in motion and Maggie’s prayers were answered: Luna was adopted by a loving family in Colorado!

Happily Ever After

“Three weeks ago, I got a picture of her in her new home,” Maggie recounted fondly. “She was sitting on a couch with a little red and green bow on her head ready for Christmas.”

Now that Luna is safe and well taken care of, she can start being the healthy, happy dog she was always meant to be.

“She just wants to be in your lap. She’s a hound mix, she just wants to be in your lap, cuddling with you and being petted by you,” said Maggie.

Luna’s family absolutely adores their newest four-legged member. They’ve been very busy spoiling her!

“For a little dog that had been so abused, it’s a miracle how much she can love and trust. She had anxiety in the beginning, but she overcame that quickly,” said Maggie.

Safe and far away from her abuser, Luna looks forward to a great life.

Thanks to Maggie, this precious pup was finally given the happy ending she’d always deserved.

“She’s just the sweetest, most affectionate dog ever. She took a piece of my heart with her,” said Maggie.

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Watch Luna’s rescue journey!

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

Becky Shaw

Thursday 16th of September 2021

Better keep an eye out for her abuser, bet he gets another dog to harm.