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Young Mama Cat Saves Orphaned Kittens and Treats Them Like Family

Young Mama Cat Saves Orphaned Kittens and Treats Them Like Family

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When a good samaritan found a cat in a box outside of a pet store, they were shocked.

They were even more surprised when they discovered that this cat was extremely pregnant.

This mama needed to find somewhere to give birth, and fast!

Keep reading to find out what happened next. 

About to Pop

This good samaritan jumped into action the moment they realized that time was of the essence.

They took the cat, now named Valentina, to a vet, who called up Happy Tails Sanctuary to see if they could take her in.

The rescue gladly offered to help the future mama, and brought her to a safe place where she could comfortably give birth in her own time.

Even though she had been abandoned, she was so sweet and loving to these new humans.

She was less than a year old, and rescuers couldn’t believe how someone could be so cruel to leave this sweet girl in a box.

But, she was safe now and that was what mattered.

Now, all they had to do was wait for her to bring her kittens into the world.

The Greatest Gift

After only a day in her rescuer’s care, Valentina gave birth to 5 healthy kittens.

Her foster, Jennifer, was so proud of what a good mamma valentina was, straight out of the gate.

She could tell Val really wanted some love from her foster mamma, but would choose instead to stay with her babies to make sure they were safe and comfortable.

“It was so cute to see her decide between running up to me when I came in the room, or staying with her kittens,” Jennifer shared.

Valentina had proven herself as resilient as they come, and she was about to drive that point home even further.

Unexpected Guests

Not long after Valentina gave birth, Jennifer got a call from another foster about a feral cat who had rejected her own litter.

The two fosters talked it over, and they decided to see if Valentina might accept the three kittens and “adopt” them herself.

It would be a lot for Val to take on, especially being so young, but Jennifer knew this sweet girl had a lot of love to give.

They introduced the newborns one by one to make things easier for Valentina.

“She wasn’t sure at first,” Jennifer shared. “But, pretty quickly she was like ‘okay I guess I’m your mom now too’.”

One Happy Family

Jennifer was so proud of Valentina for how well she handled having three new babies.

Now, with 5 kittens of her own and 3 adopted, they were one happy family.

“She’s such a good mom,” Jennifer said. “And she’s doing great herself.”

Now that her babies are moving on their own, Valentina is also able to get a little love herself too.

“Val is the friendliest thing,” Jennifer shared. “She loves attention and is so sweet.”

However, Valentina isn’t the only sweet thing in Jennifer’s home right now.

Bundles of Joy

All 8 of Valentina’s kittens have adopted their mother’s fun personality.

“Every time I come in and sit down, they all run up to me screaming because they know I’m going to offer them a bottle,” Jennifer said.

Her 5 biological kittens are very goofy.

“They love rolling on their backs like chubby little turtles.”

Her 3 adopted babies have also gotten very curious, and want to explore everything in Jennifer’s home that they have access to. 

Jennifer is certain that once Valentina and her kittens are ready to get fixed, they will be adopted in no time.

They’re all just too sweet!

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

Cathy Fuller

Saturday 25th of June 2022

Awwww. So sweet ! What a beautiful cat and gorgeous babies! All of them !! So very glad momma was saved an took to the orphans ! 😻😻

Alice Wells

Wednesday 22nd of June 2022

What a sweet story. May all of these kitties find good homes and maybe the foster will keep the mama kitty. After being abandoned in a box she deserves a good hole some home for the rest of her life. And thank the people who get these wonderful videos together for the world to see. It's got to do good for I cannot find any reason that any of the shows could ever do anything bad.

Cynthia Marrs

Tuesday 21st of June 2022

I'm so impressed. What a darling "big" family.

Catherine J

Monday 20th of June 2022

What a wonderful Mama cat! And she is almost a baby herself..She deserves the very best loving home..I hope you’re gonna keep her Jennifer..

Sandra Luther

Monday 20th of June 2022

YES I am a CAT lover. I had one for 24/years. She passed 2/days before XMAS 2021. I have 4/homeless ones. They had kittens, but got all homed out, and there MOM, fixed. I go all out for them.